Record Store Day 2023

Come join us as we celebrate Record Store Day with our collection of vinyl records from all of your favorite musical genres. Discover our extensive selection of Turntables to play your favorite record , and shop online for your favorite Elvis Presley and Louis Armstrong masterpieces and so much more

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Turntables to get you started


Portable turntables

Listen to your favorite records on the go with a portable turntable that's perfect for adding a retro flair to any setting.


All-in-One Turntables

Experience your favorite vinyls in high definition by opting for an all-in-one record player that has a range of up-to-date features and a vintage-inspired look


Component turntables

Never compromise on sound quality with an audiophile turntable that gives you high-fidelity sound. Spin every record to your heart's delight with these component turntables,

Record Store Day Deals

Here are excellent deals & discounts that are created to help you save money all year long, whether you're looking for Vinyl, CDs, Cassettes, Turntables, or CD Players. Shop a variety of recent titles at a discount price!

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Kanye West


Lana Del Rey


The Weeknd


Arctic Monkeys


Taylor Swift

Revisit the 1980s

Enjoy unique sound and tactile experience with cassettes and cassettes players

Discover our best-selling vinyls and turntables

Are you a music enthusiast with a taste for all things vintage? Maybe you want to re-experience your favorite albums differently. In that case, join us as we celebrate Record Store Day 2023 with an expansive collection of vinyls and record players. Whether you’re into classics or the latest Billboard Top 100 hits, our collection of vinyl records has every genre you’re looking for, from XXXTentacion vinyls to AC/DC records. Get your favorite vinyl albums and shop for the best vinyl records online at Virgin Megastore today.

Shop for the best turntables and record players

Get your hands on a top-notch vinyl player to listen to your favorite records on. Shop for an industry-leading Crosley record player that expresses your unique style. Whether it’s a bluetooth turntable that you’re after or a turntable with speakers, our Crosley turntable range has it all. However, it doesn’t end here. Our vinyl record players range also includes Sony Turntables, Victrola record players Lenco and MJI turntables, including popular favorites such as MJI Gramophone Classic Bronze Horn Turntable and much more.