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Shop for the latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles from Microsoft. Or explore our Xbox One X consoles. Check out our selection of Xbox Controllers and Xbox Headsets to enjoy your next-gen gaming console. Choose from a range of games and blockbuster titles to keep you busy for hours!

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Xbox Series X/S Consoles

Play thousands of games from four generations of Xbox?with the next-gen console that best fits your playstyle.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

The fastest, most powerful Xbox

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S

Next-gen performance?in the smallest Xbox

Xbox Series X Price in Dubai, UAE

The Xbox Series S starts at AED 1,249 and the Xbox Series X starts at AED 2,099. The next-gen Xbox is both affordable and extremely powerful. When placing an order for your console, be sure to check the Xbox Series X price in UAE.

Where can I buy the Xbox Series X in UAE?

Our Virgin Megastores carry limited stock of the Xbox Series X since they are in high demand. When stocks do drop, they go quickly so we suggest that you keep an eye out for this page. You can purchase the Xbox Series X for AED 2,099 and Xbox Series S for AED 1,249. We do however offer easy installment plans on new consoles with 0% interest.

Xbox Series X Specs and Features

The Xbox Series X comes packed with a powerful 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU clocked at 3.8 Ghz. The Xbox Series X uses a modified AMD RDNA 2 GPU that outputs 12 teraflops of computing power - which essentially doubles the performance of previous-gen consoles. The latest Series X should be able to comfortably play most games at 4K resolution at a steady 60 FPS. Depending on game design, the Xbox might also be able to play games at 8K resolution.