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Discover an extensive range of smart devices suited to creating a full-fledged smart home. Browse smart watches & bands, fitness trackers, dental care, massage guns, and smart scales & blood pressure monitors for comprehensive smart living and healthcare. With our list of top brands in the UAE, you can certainly make your life better with technology.


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Shop a wide range of Smart watches

Enjoy cutting-edge technology and discover the latest smart watches at a great price in the UAE. Get a new smart watch from your favorite brands like Huawei, Samsung, Apple, Garmin, Xiaomi, Fitbit and more. Browse smart watches for men and women from the best brands in the UAE today.

Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers, and Smart Scales in the UAE

Multitask and beat your fitness goal and stay fit with our fitness and Activity trackers. Keep track of your fitness and activity with a wide range of premium fitness trackers and watches. From the latest Fitbits to the popular Huawei fit watch and the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 and many more brands, you are guaranteed to find a top quality fitness watch that helps you reach all your fitness goals. Don’t forget to complement your new smart watch or fitness tracker with a smart watch band and protective case.

What better way to take care of your health than with smart, precise technology? Explore our selection of smart scales and health monitors to make sure you’re always in great health. Get a blood pressure monitor that you can easily use at home, or a forehead thermometer from trusted brands like Braun, VAVA, Thrumm and more. Monitor your weight accurately with smart scales and take care of your little one with smart devices for babies. Shop the range of smart devices for holistic healthcare online today.

Discover Massage Guns & Body Care Products

Relax after a long day at work and buy a massage gun that gets all the knots out. Get the premium Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun in various models & colors and leave stress behind. Or get a massage on the go with the Hyperice Venom wearable massager with a touch screen, temperature & vibration control, and rechargeable battery for true flexibility. Shop electronic massagers and body care products online from the comfort of your home!