Turntables & Audio Players

Amp up the coolness factor with a turntable that expresses your music taste. Enjoy an intimate music experience with a vinyl player that lets you blast your favorite records at the best possible quality. There’s a reason turntables are making a comeback, for the true music enthusiast, nothing beats the crisp clear sound quality of a vinyl player.

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Turntable of the Month Lenco LS-5000K Bluetooth Belt-Drive Turntable with Speakers (Set of 2) - Wood

The Lenco LS-500 is a record player with 2 separate wooden speakers and easy to use. This allows you to enjoy your favourite vinyl in no time and the included speakers are easy to connect. The adjustable speed allows you to choose between 33 and 45 RPM which makes it easy to play your precious LPs and single records. With the Lenco LS-500 you have everything you need to reminisce in the warm sound of your favourite records. The LS-500 hides the latest technology in a classic design. The built-in Bluetooth function makes the LS-500 suitable for streaming music. The LS-500 has a removable plastic dust cover and is available in Wood or Black.

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What Is a Turntable Used For?

A turntable is a device used to play sound recordings. It works by having a motor that spins a platter at a constant speed without making noise. Once a vinyl record has been placed on the platter, the belt drive and direct drive technologies turn vibrations into sound. A vinyl player provides high-quality sound given its analog nature, making it ideal for music lovers.

What Is the Difference Between a Record Player and a Turntable?

A record player is a good option for those just starting to get into vinyl. It’s typically cheaper and easier to use. Record players usually come with a pre-loaded cartridge, a built-in phono stage, and cables, so they require minimal setup and adjustments. On the other hand, a turntable is more sophisticated and more expensive. Turntables are built with higher tolerances and allow you to adjust the tonearm, cartridge, phono stage, and audio cables. There’s a lot more setup and calibration available on a turntable compared to a record player.