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Glorious is a lifestyle gaming hardware company, built by passionate enthusiasts on a mission to empower gamers. By providing tailored peripherals we inspire gamers to express, create and shape their own unique gaming experiences.

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Barebones ANSI

Design it. Build it. Enjoy it. Fully customizable keyboards.

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Model O

Glorious made the original superlight performance mouse.

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Glorious GMMK PRO Pre-built

Fully customizable. Perfect look, sound and feel.

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Model O 2 Wired Gaming Mouse

More speed. More control. Less weight. It has everything you need.

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Wired Gaming Mouse

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Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Pre-Built Keyboards

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Barebone Keyboards


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Two shapes, same PRO performance. Model O 2 PRO & Model D 2 PRO

Model O 2 PRO is a low-profile, symmetrical shape, suitable for all grip styles. The Model D 2 PRO, is an ergonomic shape that offers more supportive comfort for palm or claw grip.

The Best Gaming Keyboard GMMK 2 mechanical gaming keyboard

The GMMK 2's quality materials, strict build requirements, and tray mounting system eliminate the potential for creaks or squeaks.

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