Find something for every mood with our extensive range of Legami products, inspired by travel and curiosity. With hundreds of unique products, Legami is your one-stop destination to explore everything from stationery, journals, and notepads, to board games, lunch boxes, water bottles, and much more

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Brighten up your desk space with our wonderful range of colourful stationery, including office electronics, sticky notes, cute pens, arts and crafts, and much more. Plus, you can give space to your imagination and organize your day with Legami notebooks and journals, including, colouring books, diaries, planners, notebooks and notepads.





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Featured Product Legami Erasable Pens

With a range of adorable characters to choose from, there's something for everyone: will you pick a piggy, dino, llama or astronaut? Check oit all the designs. want to write in blue, black, red, pink or green? when the heat sensitive ink meets with the rubber at the end of the pen, it disappears completely without wearing out the surface, or the rubber. Simply rub the surface and watch the magic happen. No mistake lasts forever just erase and carry on.

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Add a playful twist to your digital life with Legami’s Hi-tech products, from wireless chargers, charging cables, and power banks, to other cool tech accessories. Plus, you can explore Legami on the go products to make every moment of your day outside relaxed and practical with the best travel accessories, including lunch boxes, vacuum water bottles, ice bags, mugs, and much more. Keep your mind active with our selection of games and fun, including puzzles, board games, memory games, and card games.

Let off steam with punching bags and stress balls. Or, get your little ones outdoors to release some energy with the energetic Legami outdoor games and accessories for kids, including rackets, bike bells, bike locks, and more. Browse more Legami products on Virgin Megastore and enjoy a superb range of products that add good vibes, positivity and colour to your everyday life. Don’t forget to browse all kinds of gift ideas and make your loved ones feel special.

Brand Story

Legami was born in Italy in 2003 from a single idea: to reinterpret an iconic object that every school and university student owned in the 1970s: the book strap. Since then, Legami has never stopped evolving and growing to anticipate the needs of the modern world. Today, the Legami brand is in fact a universe of worlds to expltore, stationery, diaries, calendars, greeting cards, lifestyle and beauty objects, tech and travel accessories., and much more. Every product is designed in Italy by the Legami creative team to lighten you life and bring joy, positivity, and color every day.