Marshall is renowned for its powerful, raw, and distinctive sound. The "Marshall tone" has become synonymous with rock and is celebrated for its clarity, warmth, and ability to cut through the mix. Marshall's impact extends globally, influencing musicians and shaping the sound of various music genres worldwide.

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Motif A.N.C. True Wireless Earbuds

These wireless earbuds deliver big on their promise of thunderous sound in a neat package. Enjoy amplified audio in a sealed-fit design that is made for all-day listening.

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Stanmore III Bluetooth Speaker

Stanmore III has an even wider soundstage than its predecessor, delivering home-filling Marshall signature sound, re-engineered for a more immersive experience.

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Major IV Black On-Ear Headphone

When you’re deep diving into your music, Major IV will make sure the tenth hour is as comfortable as the first. The wireless charging makes it even easier to charge.

Marshall Acton III Loud things come in small packages

Acton III is the most discreet Bluetooth speaker in the home line-up and has an even wider soundstage than its predecessor, offering re-engineered sound for an immersive home audio experience. It delivers all the room-filling Marshall signature sound you’d expect from a home speaker.

Marshall Amplification Era-Defining Sound

There’s always room for improvement. Whether you're just starting, looking for some technical info or wanting to take your techniques on that next step, we've got everything to help you get to grips with your guitar.