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Adults book of the month

Unhoneymooners By Christina Lauren

Olive is always unlucky; her identical twin sister Ami, on the other hand, is probably the luckiest person in the world. While she's about to marry her dream man, Olive is forced to play nice with her nemesis: the best man, Ethan.

Assouline UK Assouline Craftmanship

Assouline’s Ultimate Collection is an homage to the art of luxury bookmaking. Hand-bound using traditional techniques, with color plates hand-tipped on art-quality paper, each page of this limited-edition series bears the unique imprint of the artisan. Treating a range of topics from jewelry and fashion, fine art and the ‘Impossible Collections,’ the Ultimate Collection curates culture from around the world and across the ages. Nestled in linen clamshell presentation cases, these books attract collectors, lovers of the printed page, and those who devour the culture of our time. Signaling a new level of sophistication for true connoisseurs, these unique books are works of art in their own right.

Children book of the month

Jessica Goes Swimming by Jessica Smith

It’s Jessica’s first school swimming race and she’s very excited. Jessica loves swimming. She even thinks that she might be able to win the race. Her friends aren’t so sure though – they don’t think someone with one arm will be able to beat them all. Will Jessica be able to focus on just doing her best?

Arabic book of the month

لكنود By إسلام جمال

هل أخبرت أحدهم مرة أنك سعيد، بل سعيدٌ جدًّا، فقط لأنك تسمع .. لا لسببٍ آخر؟ هل حدّثت نفسَك من قبل مواجهًا ذلك الهَمّ الذي يُطاردك مُذكِّرًا إيّاها بأنك تمتلك مُقلتين في وجهك مُلك الأرض كلها لا يُعادلهما؟ أكثر من نصف سكان الكوكب عادية حياتك هي لهم تحديات وتحدياتك لهم مُسلّمات يعيشونها كل يوم توافهك لهم أحلام وأحلامهم أنت عشتها حتى مللتها !!فهلّا حمدت

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