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Expo 2020 Dubai Collection

The first World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region, and the largest event ever held in the Arab world, for 182 days, Expo 2020 will be a hive of activity, from performances and parades, immersive experiences, insightful talks, food, art, music, sport and architecture. With 192 country pavilions, three thematic pavilions—Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability—and numerous awe-inspiring feats of architecture and craftsmanship at every turn, Expo 2020 Dubai offers limitless opportunities to learn, reflect, connect and collaborate.

Assouline Collections


The Ultimate Collection

Assouline’s Ultimate Collection is an homage to the art of luxury bookmaking. Hand-bound using traditional techniques, with color plates hand-tipped on art-quality paper.


The Classic Collection

Representing movements in style and chronicling chic, The Classics are highly collectible, immaculately illustrated repositories of design, art, fashion, and everything in between. Each volume is an inspiring journey to aesthetic bliss, .


The Legend Collection

The Legends Collection, vibrant and sophisticated, are hardcover tomes housed in their own elegant slipcase. These titles are the authority on their subjects, inspired by mythic eras, artists, and high society.


Assouline Fashion Collection

Look inside some iconic fashion pieces in this collection


Architecture and Interior Design Books

Discover Assouline Architecture and Interior Design Book that revolutionized the coffee table books


The Travel series

Discover the beauty in every City in this travel series