Sonos is the ultimate home sound system: a network of wireless speakers that fills your home with brilliant sound, room by room.

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Discover the latest additions to the sensational spatial audio speakers system.

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Deepen your enjoyment of TV, music, and more with the new Sub Mini.



Get bold sound that moves you and moves with you with this powerful, durable, and versatile smart speaker.



Power your passive speakers, create your dream smart home and enjoy endless possibilities for multiroom listening.

Sonos Era 100 The Next-Gen Home Bookshelf Speaker.

Featuring a 25% larger woofer than Sonos One, Era 100 fills the room with noticeably deeper bass. Custom waveguides amplify dispersion of sound waves to create a wider soundstage. Dual angled tweeters send crisp high frequencies left and right for a rich stereo experience.

Sonos Era 300 The leading multi-room wireless speaker

It is a surround sound speaker, and uses its six drivers to project sound in every direction, meaning it sounds great no matter where in the room you are.