The ultimate techie, Senior Editor at tbreak.com and Editor in Chief at AskMen Middle East – Nick Rego has the 411 on the must-have gadgets. His dynamic personality and undeniable sense of humor is evident within his diverse selection of gifts which cater to more than just the tech-savvy.

What do you love most about the Holiday Season?

Meeting family and friends to exchange gifts and catch up. The expression when someone unwraps a present is often priceless (in a good way!).

What is your favorite item from your personal wishlist and why?

Creo Stax – I’ve started hosting dinner parties at my house for small groups of friends and something like this is great for making food even more appealing when you serve it.

Who is the person you find it hardest to shop for?

My mum and dad. They are not the most tech-savvy people so I really have to think hard and figure out what they need instead of the latest gadgets.

My favorite holiday tradition is…

Having friends over for a big traditional holiday dinner. It takes me two days to prep all the ingredients, and I start cooking from 9am on the day!

What is the “must-have” item for a techy?

The PlayStation VR is the hottest gift item this holiday season – just don’t forget the accessories and the games!

Check out his wishlists below!

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