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How to: Movember it right!

November is here and you know what’s in – Movember, a month period of goatees and moustaches. From knowing more about what movement is, to knowing how to grow a Mo and Taking care of it, here’s a guide to all Moustache and Beard aficionados to being Movember ready.

What is Movember? Movember is a nonprofit organization that began in Australia in 2003. The organization addresses some of the biggest health issues faced by men: from prostate cancer, to testicular cancer, to mental health and suicide prevention. To this date, they’ve supported more than 1,200 men’s health projects globally in a span of 15 years. Their main objective is to reduce the number of cases by 25% in year 2030.

How to Grow a Mo: Get Ready
Choose the perfect moustache that you think it’ll suit you. Chevron, Dali, English or Handlebar? What would you choose? You can also get inspirations online of what kind of moustache you want to keep for a month-long period.
Nothing to be scared of
Growing a Mo is not all sunshine and rainbows – it can really get to a point where it’ll be too uncomfortable for the first few days or even weeks! But fear and trust that you’ll eventually get there.
Keep your mind off the itch
There’s no amount of itch you can’t face
Shape it off, Shape it off 🎶
Get all the proper grooming kit you need
Keep it clean!
Treat your Mo like how it should be treated – it’s your baby now, you have to look after it.

Proper Grooming will do the trick: It doesn’t matter how attractive looking your Mo is – at the end of the day, you got to keep it clean! How, you say? Shampoo it regularly. It’s just like how we take care of our teeth, we don’t want any food to stay there – right? Same case with your Mo; you have to be cautious.

When we say treat your hair right, we mean condition it. Moustache hairs can be rough! But little do you know, it benefits from regular conditioning – trust us, it’ll make your Movember journey smoother. Just don’t forget to rinse it thoroughly.

Avoid the dry skins and lessen the itching by washing your face with a hot towel. The steam will help cleanse the skin under your Mo or Beard.

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