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There’s pure magic in ocean air – the sound of the crashing waves, the salty breeze, and the glowing warm embrace of the sun. It’s the ideal setting for a family day filled with quality time, laughter and unforgettable memories.

Seize the day and grab this opportunity to whip up a fantastic family beach day!

To ensure your family beach day is a success, we’ve compiled a stress-free agenda to make your own planning a breeze!

1 - Outfit Ideas for Kids

Kids Swimsuit.webp

A cute swimsuit can turn even the grumpiest sea monster into a beachside charmer.

Watch your girls light up with excitement the moment they slip into the Snapperrock Spearmint Spot Kids Flutter Swimsuit and the Snapperrock Spearmint Kids Tassel Cover Up.

For your growing boys, they’ll feel cool as a cucumber in the Cool2C Boys' Board Shorts and the Snapperrock Shark Stripe Short Sleeve Kids Rash Top.

For any toddlers, make sure to get them the Slipstop Tyra Anti-Slip Shoes so that their feet are protected from hot sand and pebbles.

Let’s also treat them with the Bling2O Rex Royal Swim Goggles for protection against the salt water. Your kids would be able explore the ocean floor like treasure hunters with ease!

2 - What to Pack for the Beach

Beach Snacks.webp

First things first, protect your family from harmful UV rays with Sun Bum SPF 70 Original Spray Sunscreen. Apply it generously and keep reapplying throughout the day. We're on a mission to keep everyone fully protected - no lobster impersonations allowed!

Also, with a whole day ahead, snacks are a must-have! With the Yvonne Ellen Picnic Cooler Bag, your beach bites stay fresh and sand-free. Load up the W&P Porter Bowl with tasty treats, and quench your thirst with some ice-cold water in the Hydro Flask Kids Wide Mouth Straw Lid for the kids and the Hydro Flask Vacuum Bottle for adults.

3 - Creating the Perfect Beach Set Up

Beach Set Up.webp

Once you arrive at the beach, the first mission of operation is to set up base!

Use the Yvonne Ellen Picnic Rug to claim your spot – it has a polyester backing to keep you dry from wet sand. And for ultimate beach flair, show off with our comfy and colourful Sea To Summit Drylite Towel or the Legami Beach Towel. They’re essential for lounging on the sand and drying off after a refreshing swim.

For extra head support, the Legami Wooden Headrest is an easy portable option to rest your head while you daydream and take in the view.

4 - Fun Beach Activities and Essentials

Beach Floaties.webp

Now, let’s get the fun started!

Toss the Legami Inflatable Beach Ball and watch it sparkle with every bounce! Add the Legami Water Guns and prepare for an all-out water warfare as the little ones unleash their wild side – you might even get caught in the splash zone!

Enjoy the show as you lounge like royalty on the
Sunny Life Inflatable Lilo Chair Glitter, or embrace the waves with style on the ,Legami Inflatable Lilo Pool Mattress.

To keep your little toddlers close, the Sunny Life Bubba Float Friend Unicorn is a magical floaty safe haven that can protect your toddler from the sun. If they’re a bit older, the Legami Maxi Pool Ring is the perfect splashy playmate.

For non-water activities, the Legami Beach Rackets & Balls are perfect for some quick light-hearted paddle fun with the kids.

5 - Music and Entertainment

Beach Book & Camera.webp

Then add that cherry on top of your perfect day, you’ll need to set the ambience!
Pump up your favourite tunes with the JBL Charge 5 WiFi/Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Speaker.

To slow down time, give Atomic Habits by James Clear a try for some fantastic new lifestyle inspiration, or browse the world of self-improvement books and pick the one that piques your interest!

Last but not least, to make this day memorable, don’t forget to take photos! With the Polaroid Now I-Type Instant Camera, you can snap your family against the backdrop of a jaw-dropping beach view. Instant pics, instant keepsakes for your albums.

As you gather these must-haves for your ideal family beach day, always remember that it's the cherished moments with your loved ones that transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary memory.

Take a step back, disconnect from the digital world, and savour every precious moment basking in the sun with your family!

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