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It’s the season of joy, and the festive spirit is in full swing, especially for our little ones who count down the days with the most excitement! And with anticipation reaching its peak, deciding where to channel all their energy can be a challenge.

But worry not! We've got you covered with 10 Christmas activity ideas that will keep the kids entertained and beaming with festive spirit!

1. Put Together a Fun Puzzle

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To kick off the morning, let's gather the kids around, have them settle in with a cosy cup of warm hot chocolate, and ease them into the day with some holiday fun by working on a Christmas puzzle. The Aquarius Novelty Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle is a delightful 150-piece puzzle showcasing designs from the movie "Elf," perfect for a relaxed start. If you're up for a bit more challenge, the Design by Violet Advent Jigsaw Puzzle boasts 1000 pieces filled with holiday charm.

2. Craft Christmas Cards

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Watch their imaginations soar as they craft their very own Christmas cards using the Talking Tables Craft with Santa Card Kit. This delightful kit not only allows them to personalize their cards but also provides a canvas for self-expression with stickers, pom-poms, and their cherished Christmas characters. Complete with envelopes, these handcrafted cards will become heart-warming gifts for their beloved family members. Encourage the skill of creation and watch as their unique expressions of love come to life!

3. Bring out the Board Games

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When the little ones are ready to start the real fun, it's game time! Introduce the Aquarius Elf Card Scramble Board Game — a fantastic choice that promises hours of enjoyment for both kids and adults. Otherwise, if you're in the mood for some active play, consider the Hasbro Gaming Twister Air Party Game. It's the classic Twister experience but with a twist—it takes the game to the air, eliminating the need for a mat. Plus, with this app-enabled Twister game, the directions seamlessly move onto your smart device, adding a modern touch.

4. Photo Challenge

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Watch their eyes light up as you introduce them to a photo hunt, armed with a list of festive things and interesting people to capture on camera. Capture the moments, win a prize! Not only does it keep them on their toes, but it also fosters a skill while they’re busy having fun!

If you're on the hunt for a camera designed for kids, check out the myFirst Camera 3 Kids Camera. This camera breaks the stereotype of being just a toy; the Camera 3 functions like any standard digital camera, complete with preloaded frames. It's a wonderful tool to nurture their budding photography skills and doubles as a great gift!

5. Costume Competition

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If your children have a flair for fashion and enjoy dressing up, why not let them entertain the whole family with a costume competition? It's a delightful opportunity for them to showcase their creativity and put together their idea of the perfect Christmas outfit. And of course, an activity like this means we're practically swimming in golden opportunities for more hilarious photos to add to our albums.

And if you’re on the lookout for a suitable photo album, the Happy News Photo Album is a lovely option for your kids to place their own pictures.

6. Christmas Movie Night

Christmas Movie Night.webp

Set up a cosy movie corner with blankets and pillows, so the kids can immerse themselves in a Christmas movie marathon. The best part of any movie marathon are the delicious snacks by their side. The Dash Popcorn Maker is a fast and easy way to get fresh popcorn ready with just one touch of a button!

And for an extra touch of excitement, surprise the kids with mini waffles from the Dash Mini Waffle Maker to complement their favourite Christmas movie. It's the perfect recipe for a comfy and cosy movie time at home.

7. DIY Their Own Gifts

DIY their own Gifts.webp

Encourage your tiny scientists with some DIY fun that's educational and can double as their gift to a family member! The Eksploe My Crystal Making Lab is a fantastic science kit that lets them create coloured crystals, helping them learn the fascinating science of crystallization and the formation of snowflakes.

For another fun option, consider the Eksploe Sanitizing Soap Making Lab. It provides a hands-on opportunity for crafting your very own disinfecting soap, combining fun with the practicality. These DIY options promise both entertainment and educational value for your little ones to enjoy!

8. Baking Treats

Christmas Baking.webp

Invite your kids to join in the joy of baking! Whip up a delightful batch of sugar cookies together using festive shapes. Whether they’re snowflakes, Christmas trees, or gingerbread men, set the stage for their creativity to shine with options for colourful icing, sprinkles, and edible decorations.

The Wilton Xmas Cookie Cutter Tree and Wilton Treat Mold Tree Silicone add an extra layer of fun, making the process of baking all the more sweeter. And remember, it’s not just baking; it's creating Christmas memories together!

9. Karaoke Concert

Christmas Kareoke Concert.webp

What spreads Christmas cheer faster than a Christmas Carol?

Encourage your kids to sing their favourite festive tunes, embracing a hobby that's bound to get them into the Holiday Spirit! The Lenco BTC-070BK Karaoke is a fantastic karaoke machine for both adults and kids, providing the perfect platform to sing their hearts out. With easy control features, you can stream your beloved songs from your smartphone and create a festive musical atmosphere for everyone to cherish!

10. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt.webp

Here's a timeless idea that's always a hit. Organize a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt either around the house or in the backyard. Write a list of clues that guide the little adventurers to discover small festive surprises or treats. Picture one clue leading to a candy cane, another unveiling a hidden gift behind the tree, with each clue presenting the child with a delightful Christmas goodie.

If you need any inspiration on what those goodies can be, check out our Festive Gift Ideas.

In the end, to make this annual celebration truly a day to remember, having activities for your kids can engage in will not only make memories, but it’ll also create an exciting Christmas tradition that will be cherished for years to come. So, let the fun and laughter become the highlight of your celebration!

Happy Holidays!

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