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You know the must-have basics! Your guests and what to get them for dinner. But have you ever wondered how to take your party to the next level? And how to provide your guests with an experience that they will never forget? Going the extra mile will sure keep your guests out of reach of their phone the whole night and will stop them from debating whether if it’s considered rude when they leave or not. Here we’ve got you covered with tips that will leave you and your friends and family a dinner to remember.

Tip 1 – Thinking outside the box

If you want your guests leaving with smile on their faces, then you’ll have to go an extra mile and try some new ideas, like picking a theme where all guests would have to dress up, setting up live cooking stations with the help of our recipe books or plan a more intimate 5 course meal at home. Explore our whole selection of cooking and dining essentials here.

Tip 2 – Consider your guests' special requirements

Before planning your whole meal plan for the night, check if any of your guests are vegetarian, allergic to certain types of food, or have food restrictions as per their religious beliefs. And if so, you can do both by preparing suitable meals for your guests with the help of our vegetarian and vegan recipe books.

Your guests will surely appreciate the gesture, and leave a positive note even before the dinner party date.

Tip 3 – Boost the mood by decorating your space

Other than serving a great meal, it is also important to boost the ambiance of the event to let your guest feel more cozy and comfortable – set up smart lights around the room which you can control from your smart phone, lit some candles or take your drinks up a notch with fancy drinkware to dazzle your guests the whole evening.

Tip 4 – Reinventing Traditional Food

Wondering whether you should go for the traditional foods or include something new in the menu? Why not put a twist and do both! From learning how to reinvent cookies 100 ways thanks to our baking tools and equipment to challenging your air fryer to cooking up classic meals with the power of air, every idea is a good one as it takes us all to Tip #1 again; think outside the box!

Tip 5 – Why not make a lasting impression?

Food wastage is a big NO in our books. Encourage your guests to live a more eco-friendly & zero waste lifestyle by making their night extra special with takeaway meals from dinner which they can munch on the next day.
Our selection of bento boxes and containers are perfect to pack your food meals for your guests. When the food's that good, they'll surely want to double up on their takeaway meals!

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