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Calling all fellow rock aficionados and professional headbangers.

When it comes to rock music, the passion, emotion, skill, and soulful resonance forge an unwavering connection with the world that cannot be shaken.

We’re going to recommend 10 timeless rock albums you can discover and why they deserve that title.

Now, let’s take you on a ride!

Because no matter the time or year, these iconic albums never die.


No doubt, one of the most iconic and most influential rock ‘n roll/metal albums ever and we’ll tell you why.

The guitarist of the band Tony Iommi was an active blues musician, until one day he was working in a metal sheeting company and accidentally cut two of his fingers off. He was told that he could never play guitar ever again, but he didn’t let his own hands stop him.

He got prosthetic fingertips and retrained how to play guitar using them. He noticed when playing that the sound his guitar made wasn’t the same. The way the prosthetic hit his guitar strings wasn’t the same as real human flesh, so it created a very distinct sound. It was the sound of distortion, and he grew to like it.

Him and his band wanted to work with this unique sound and create something out of it.
Thus, born of out loud, rock music, this was how Heavy Metal was believed to be first created.

Definitely check out their music if you haven’t yet. It’s nothing short of its origin story.


An extremely iconic album released in 1986 that popularized the rock/thrash metal genre. Even people who haven’t come close to this genre heard songs from this album. It blew up the California Bay Area Thrash metal wave, and broke into an insane amount of fame that changed the band members’ careers forever.


This is a sequel to their first album Led Zeppelin 1, and it came out in 1968. It was released in America right after the Vietnam war, at a time where society was understandably at a nation-wide emotional state.

Feelings of loss, anger and dismay are completely natural after a war, and when this album released, it was known to act as a form of catharsis for the community.

With elements reminiscent of the blues mixed with just pure raw emotion, it really stuck a genuine cord with the public, which is why this album is popularized till today.


Known for Sweet Child of Mine, this band broke into the mainstream in a ruthless fashion. This album was a major hit in the music, guitar, and amplification industry!

Back when people heard the guitar tone in this album, everybody wanted to sound like Slash, the guitarist. He was using a Marshall JCM 800 amplifier at the time, which boomed sales for The Marshall Company, and he was using a Gibson Les Paul, which is a guitar model that was collecting dust before the world saw him use it.

Since then, every guitar lover wanted to use one, which gave the company a deserved resurrection.


One of the most iconic rock/thrash metal albums made of all time. First released in 1980, it was revolutionary. It was a completely new kind of music at that time, which is something we can’t say anymore living in the present. Definitely one of the most melodic and captivating albums released to date.


When Aerosmith first debuted, they were well received, but weren’t exactly world famous yet. That was all about to change when they released Get Your Wings, which is quite metaphoric because this album definitely made them soar and broke them straight into mainstream media.

They blended a lot of blues elements with hard rock and dialed up the distortion quite high, which was a more daring take on blues. Paired with amazing vocal work by their lead vocalist Perry, they let their resolute drive and careful skill create lightning in a bottle.


The reason this album is iconic is because the front man, David Bane, used to play in Metallica. After being let go, he was understandably devasted and decided to make a new band. Unbeknownst to Metallica, this band was Megadeth, and this album is one of the biggest rock/thrash metal albums in the world that put his band on the map.

It’s crazy to think that if he never separated from Metallica, we wouldn’t have (yet another) one of the most iconic rock/metal bands of all time.


The Police was formed in 1977 and offered something truly revolutionary with their songs. A unique combination of rock, reggae and punk. This amalgamation ended up creating an iconic sound that hasn’t been heard before its time.

To play this kind of music in such a specific type of way – their music caught the heart of millions worldwide! Their lead vocalist Sting is also a tremendously great singer which is why this band remained popular with both young and old audiences.


The reason why this is timeless is not only because it sounds good, but because a lot of blood, sweat, tears and real effort was put into this album. This was at a time in 1982 where digital processing didn’t exist – everything was analog.

In the song titled The Number of The Beast, Bruce Dickinson, the lead vocalist had a scream in the beginning of the song. Reportedly, he had to repeat that scream over 200 times, because the producer was not happy with how his scream came out.

It reached the point where Bruce Dickinson was so frustrated, he got enraged and threw a fit until it made him hit that perfect scream. That perfect scream you hear in the song is a scream that came out of a toll of incredible hard work and a lot of pent-up frustration.


Musically Speaking, Rage Against the Machine has a consistent sound throughout all their albums.

However, what made this album stick out to the world in 1996, is that their anti-establishment approach (as suggested by their band name) was put on full display.

This resonated with a lot of people that are not rock/metal fans but resonate with the concept. Thus, they were able to introduce people to a heavier genre of music through an idea and notion that affected and took the world by storm.

Looking back, these classics mentioned are truly ones that changed history, and in vinyl form, you’ll have more than just an album, you’ll have a piece of history with you.

Just remember, in the world of music, inspiration flows like a river, each note a tribute to those who came before. Among these ripples, one colossal force stands tall, and that's none other than KISS.


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