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Getting organized has always been part of our resolutions but it’s not a surprise if until now it’s still part of our list of things to tick off this year. If you’re part of the crowd who struggles to build an organizational system, then you may want to give bullet journaling a try.

If you haven’t heard of what it is, bullet journaling involves creating your own planner with just a pen, few markers and a blank notebook. The beauty of it is its flexibility to let you create your pages that would suit your current needs instead of just sticking to one style/trend.

A couple of things to know about bullet journaling

Get answers to your questions about bullet journaling with Jonathan Defante, one of our buyers.

What do you like most about bullet journaling and where do you get your creative inspirations?

First of all is the simplicity and minimalistic nature of it. It minimizes the clutter and it is an open system that you can tailor fit to grow with you. Also, the flexibility of the bullet journal method that lets you organize your ideas into “collections” that you can always go back to. I get my inspirations by placing bookends to my day, 5 minutes in the morning and as another 5 at the end of the day. I think it’s by asking yourself these 2 questions: “What am I grateful for?” and “What’s the message/lesson of the day?”

What are your must-haves when it comes to bullet journaling?

I’ve been using one brand of pen since college and that is a must for my journaling. One red and one black. A highlighter and of course a high quality notebook. People ask me why I would buy an expensive blank book. Well, the reason is so that I would challenge myself to find something worth that amount to put in there.

Advice/s on how to start bullet journaling?

Just start. Make mistakes, be better, then repeat. Journaling is about being a student of your own life and it’s a book you use not only to organize but rather to immortalize your journey as you figure it out.

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