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The Art of Making Coffee

If you’re one of the people who can’t live a day without coffee and you struggle to create your perfect cup of joe, then this guide is meant to be for you. There are a lot of coffee brewing methods around so you may be wondering what is the best one out there that’s going to match your coffee-holic soul – this comes down to how much time you have, the equipment and space you have in your kitchen and the style of coffee of your dreams.


Coffee Cones Not a morning person? Brew your daily cuppa in the simplest, fastest and cheapest way possible – hint: coffee cones and paper filter from Hario. Just pour hot water evenly over coffee grounds in the paper filter and let gravity do its work! Don’t worry as the brewed coffee will slowly drip directly to your cup or pot and the shape of the cone and its filters will add the flavors.

The French Press The French Press method is widely considered as one of the best method for brewing superior and consistent coffee as it extracts, arguable, more superior flavors than any other technique – and Bodum Chambord brews a well suited cup of joe for every coffee drinker in a delicious, expressive and complex taste experience in just 4-minutes.


Moka Pot If you like rich, authentic espresso & coffee then stovetop style coffee makers are the perfect one for you. The steam pressure from boiled water in the lower section pass through coffee grounds in the mid of chamber of the pot. A well-designed stovetop pot like Bialetti will create better pressure – the higher the pressure, the yummier the coffee.

Additional tips to improve home brewing methods:

  • Always rinse your equipment’s filter with hot water to remove any chemicals on the paper;
  • To achieve distributing the water evenly for pressed coffee making methods, it’s better to use a narrow spouted pouring kettle;
  • Whenever possible, start with cold and filtered water;
  • Always, ALWAYS, make sure to use fresh roasted beans and grind the beans before you brew;
  • We recommend to boil your water off to 205F or 96C;
  • Wash your equipment and cups with hot water in advance before pouring your coffee (it keeps the coffee hot for a longer period of time);
  • Don’t give up easily when you can’t achieve your coffee goals at the first try – you might get a different result when experimenting with new brew methods;
  • We may not have the same taste preference with everyone, so don’t limit yourself with specific instructions. Get messy and try to adjust the grind or amount of coffee to where it suits you;
  • Your way to being green: don’t forget to compost your used coffee grinds, filters included.

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