Nvidia Studio

Whether you're an aspiring artist or an industry veteran looking to do our best work, NVIDIA GPUs make it happen fast. From Ray Tracing and VR to AI-Powered 8K video editing, NVIDIA GPUs boost workflows and inspire creative genius. And they are backed by exclusive, free studio Drivers that bring out the best in your creative apps.

NVIDIA Studio Fast track your creativity

NVIDIA Studio laptops are full end-to-end accelerated computing platform from creators. NVIDIA GPUs help artists create faster and boost workflow.


AI accelerated APPs


Fast track your creativity

The NVIDIA Studio Platform

Supporting aspiring artists and industry professionals alike, the NVIDIA Studio platform supercharges your creative process. NVIDIA Studio provides resources like creative apps & tools, NVIDIA Studio drivers, and videos and tutorials from top artists to help you pursue your most ambitious projects yet.


NVIDIA Broadcast


NVIDIA Omniverse




NVIDIA Studio Drivers

Why do you need NVIDIA Studio laptops if you are creator?

  • 1. Faster performance, Stability, Compatibility for creators and gamers thanks to NVIDIA RTX, the most advanced GPUs and NVIDIA Studio Drivers
  • 2. They are 5X faster perfromance for 3D content creation plus the fastest video/photo editing performance.
  • 3. NVIDIA Studio has over 75 years of the top creative applications accelerated for RTX GPUs - including Photography APP, Video editing APP, 3D rendering APP and Broadcasting APP. This is in addition to over 200 APPs that are accelerated for NVIDIA GPUs with CUDA - this means, that you will have access to amazing tools and tech to ge your work done faster and improving your workflow.
  • 4. Exclusive, Free creative APPs including Omniverse, Broadcast, and Canvas.
  • 5. Extensive choice in form factors, features and performance with over 100 studio designs.