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Don't know what to listen to? Need to host a party and have no playlist ready? Are your kids making fun of you because the artists you listen to are pre-TikTok? Or you are just curious and want to listen to something new, something unexpected, or something surprising? Then we've got you covered.

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K-Pop Daebak

About this playlist

Daebak is a popular Korean term which means ‘That’s awesome!’. Give this playlist a listen and you’ll end up saying the same word! Enter the world of K-pop where all musical influences from hip-hop to EDM are fused into one. Get introduced to the greatest K-pop bands like BTS and Blackpink & explore more artists this fun genre has to offer.

Try This

About this playlist

If you’re the type of person who enjoys exploring what the world of music has to offer, then you better try this selection of tracks featuring a variety of genre. Curated by music aficionados of Virgin Megastore, this playlist will introduce you to new artists and style of music you never once considered listening

Hard To Find

About this playlist

Keep your eyes on the prize, these selections of products are hard to come by and for hardcore fans out there. True fans don’t just settle for the regular releases, they want to get their hands on exclusive and limited-edition pieces.

Greatest of all Time

About this playlist

Ask anyone about these tracks and they’ll sing it to you wholeheartedly. Take a deep dive into our playlist of chart-topping smash hits of all time that have influenced generations of music lovers.

Pop Gems

About this playlist

From bubblegum Pop to new wave, these gems have shaped the global rise of Pop music across the world! Feel nostalgic with hits from icons like Britney Spears and get introduced to the young blood pop sensations like Olivia Rodrigo.

It's Indie Rock'n'roll For Me

About this playlist

Pull up your sleeves, this playlist consists great headbangable songs you can jam out to. From Paramore to Arctic Monkeys, take this as a warning as these tracks will definitely put you in your feels.

Modern-day Divas

About this playlist

Who runs the world? GIRLS. Beyonce said it best. Put your earbuds on and buckle up because you are in for a ride of the best tunes from this generation’s Divas. Explore the discographies of artists including Charli XCX, FKA Twigs, and Lorde.

Reggaeton and Latin

About this playlist

If you’re looking for music that will give you good vibes and make you want to salsa the night away, then our Reggaeton and Latin playlist is what you need to be streaming all day. Explore our selection of CDs including artists that have brought Reggaeton to the world limelight including J Balvin, ROSALIA, and Maluma.

Stream the Best Selling Arabic Songs, Hip Hop & Pop Music

Expand your playlist with our wide range of different genres that are carefully crafted to suit every occasion. From chilled-out lounge music and upbeat workout music to romantic songs, dance party songs, and many more. Embrace Arabic heritage with our top Arabic songs in several genres. Sing along to feel-good pop songs with our pop music playlist. Or, listen to your favourite Hip Hop music and stay up to date on all the latest Hip Hop songs. Unleash your inner rockstar with our rock music playlists covering everything from rock and roll to alternative rock. Or, enjoy more complex styles such as jazz, classical music and more! Never miss the next big hit with our new music playlists.

Enjoy Iconic 80's and 90's Songs with Virgin Megastore

Whether you're taking a long road trip or hosting a throwback party, we have the best old school hits to satisfy your nostalgia. 80's and 90's music is equal parts timeless and upbeat, which is why we still love it today. Dance to the rhythm of the best 80's songs that still make us groove after so many decades. From the multi-layered songs that evoke depths of emotions like Prince's 'Purple Rain', to one of the biggest pop songs of all time like Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' and much more. Plus, indulge in the best songs of the 90's that won the ears and hearts of people around the globe in the past few decades. From grunge rock, hip-hop, and bubblegum pop to indie rock, dancehall, and disco; 90's songs came in all shapes and colours. Enjoy the classic 'Wonderwall' by Oasis, or get swept away by the incredible masterpiece 'Tears in Heaven' by Eric Clapton. And it doesn't end here, stay tuned for more playlists to come!