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Maintain Perfect Vinyl Collection

Whether you’ve just hopped on to collecting vinyl, have stepped away and want to dive back into it, know that there are several ways to preserve your vinyl collection. Unlike traditional CD’s, vinyl is more delicate which is why proper handling and maintenance are required. From properly handling and protecting to storing your records, here are some tips and tricks that would help you elevate and maintain a vinyl collection.

1. Clean ‘em grooves!

We know the feeling of slipping that slick record out of its cover and setting it on the turntable right away. But before doing so, make sure to clean your record first.

One tip though, don’t use your t-shirt or any kind of cloth to clean your records. Records are known to be delicate which is why the right cleaning kit should be used. We recommend Spin-Clean’s Record Washer MkII, an easy and effective way to clean vinyl records without breaking a sweat. Just mix up the cleaning solution, place your records in the tank and you’re ready to begin. Your records will thank you for it.

2. Handle ‘em with care

Records are very fragile and are prone to specks of dirt and fingerprints, which is why proper handling is necessary. Make sure to avoid touching or keeping your fingers in contact with the grooved surface as it could cause scratch or transfer body oil to the record, attracting even more dust which could affect its sound quality. Hold it instead by it’s the edge of the disc and its labeled surface only.

3. Store ‘em well

Never leave your records out of its sleeves as much as possible. Once done playing it on the turntable, place it back to its sleeves and make sure that your records are stored upright and never on top of each other.

Crosley’s Record Storage Crate comes in handy and will surely give plenty of room to keep your records safe and secure. For portable vinyl storage, Crosley Record Carrier Case is your best man. It’s designed specifically for carrying vinyl anywhere so you can carry your albums with you anytime, anywhere.

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