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Plantui 6 Smart Garden Red


Plantui 6 Smart Garden Red

Plantui 6 Smart Garden Red
Plantui 6 Smart Garden Red
Plantui 6 Smart Garden Red
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Product details

Plantui 6 Smart Garden
With Plantui 6 Smart Garden you can grow tasty, healthy & fresh greens without soil. The fully automated, patented growth process with special light spectrums ensures successful and easy gardening.

All this packed into a beautifully designed device.

Grow greens indoors year around
Plantui 6 Smart Garden enables you to grow fresh greens year round. Just place Plantui Plant Capsules in the device and the Smart Garden takes care of the growing. The watering and lighting are fully automated. Plantui 6 Smart Garden fits 6 Plantui Plant Capsules. Grow your favorite herbs, salad greens and edible flowers from seed to full grown plants in 5-8 weeks. No soil, no gardening skills needed!

What's inside Plantui's innovative technology
Our patented growth process covers photosynthetic light spectrums and intelligent watering+nutrients. With Plantui growth lights your plants get just the right amount and quality of light for their optimal growth. The light and watering are automatically adjusted by the Plantui Smart Garden™ during all different growth phases of the plant. Thanks to these conditions you get healthy, fresh and extremely tasty greens.


  1. Plantui Plant Capsules
    Plantui 6 Smart Garden fits 6 Plantui Plant Capsules, so you can grow 6 different plants at the same time. Some plants grow fast, some are a little slower. For the best growing experience, it’s recommended to grow plants with the same growth rhythm at the same time.
  2. Light Unit
    Plantui 6 Smart Garden has 18 high-end led lights that provide the best spectrums and intensity needed for photosynthesis. With Plantui growth lights your plants get just the right amount and quality of light for their optimal growth and you get healthy, fresh and extremely tasty greens. The lights are automatically controlled by the computer inside the Light Unit.
  3. Smart Watering
    Plantui 6 Smart Garden uses the same irrigation method as professional greenhouses: it quietly pumps water to the roots 1-7 times a day, depending on the growth stage. The Plantui smart watering system ensures that plants get just the right amount of water, nutrients and oxygen.
  4. Scalable Height System
    The Height Blocks ensure enough growing space for the plants. The computer automatically detects the number of Height Blocks and adjusts the lights and watering accordingly. Plantui 6 Smart Garden package includes 2 Height Blocks.

Not only for kids!
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