For those who want to save water

Water conversation is a topic we have to take seriously now more than ever. Did you know that you can significantly reduce your water consumption by making changes to your lifestyle? From eco-friendly water bottles to green cookbooks, our products can help you achieve this goal!

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Where is the water?Do you know where is the water you consume?

We consume an average of 5,000 liters of water every day and 90% of our water consumption is invisible to us. Most of our water consumption is actually coming from our food. Look at this UNESCO video to know more about it!

Double up on your Greens!

Did you know that it takes 1,500L of water to produce a beef burger? While we all love munching on burgers or two, it doesn't hurt to start thinking about reducing your meat consumption. So how about taking a day of your weak to eat more vegetables? Join the meat-free Monday challenge to save some water and CO2. There are plenty of delicious plant-based meals! Get inspired with our selection of vegetarian & vegan cook books.

Avoid single use plastic

Did you know that 8 billion plastic bottles are consumed on average every year in the UAE? And that production of each plastic bottle requires 8L of water? On the long run, using re-usable water bottles will help you save money, preserve the ocean, reduce plastic, & save water! By the way, it takes more than 150 liters of water to produce a glass of soda, apple juice or a glass of milk? So if you want to save water... drink more water!

Go for Tea over Coffee

The amount of water needed to produce a cup of tea is only 30L. Meanwhile, it takes 140L for a cup of coffee. Each time you choose tea over coffee, you save 110L of water! Switch your morning coffee runs to a calming cup of tea instead.