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Mario Party 10 - Standard


Nintendo Wii U

Publisher: Nintendo of Europe GmbH


Mario Party 10

Mario Party 10
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Mario Party 10 for Wii U brings new game boards, new minigames, and new ways to party! Roll the dice, round the board and compete against friends and family in over 70 lively minigames, where tactics, technique and even a little light-hearted treachery can help you get ahead. With so many different ways to play, the party never needs to end!

Tap in any compatible amiibo and watch the party come to life in brand new ways! Access the exclusive amiibo Party mode, win Mario Party Points to unlock cool content, and much more. amiibo Party takes classic Mario Party action - move around the board, compete in fast-paced minigames, and try to grab each Star before your opponents do - and adds a whole host of new features on top. Visit the amiibo section for more information.

Pit the Koopa king against Team Mario in the boisterous 1-vs-4 Bowser Party mode. Armed with the Wii U GamePad, bash, blast and bully anyone in your path as Bowser, and take your opponents down in devious Bowser Minigames that make the most of the GamePad's unique features. As Team Mario, work together to stay ahead of Bowser and his clutches, and make it to that Super Star in one piece!

In Mario Party mode, ride together with other players in a vehicle as you round the board, competing for those precious Mini-Stars. Caged-up characters, sudden surprising events, and late-in-the-game comebacks abound - you can never predict how this party is going to end!

No party's complete without games, and Mario Party 10 is jam-packed with over 70 raucous new ones. Whether competing against everyone, or going toe-to-toe as teams, there's rambunctious action in spades!

Key Features
  • Grab the GamePad and play as Bowser for the first time in the series. In Bowser Party mini-games, one player gets to be the fire-breathing Bowser as he tries to burn, bonk or blast other players away. Up to four players use Wii Remote controllers to cooperate and survive as they confront the Bowser player, who is using the Wii U GamePad. It’s four against one, and being a party pooper has never been so much fun!
  • Control Bowser in a variety of ways with the Wii U GamePad. In Bowser’s Bad Breath, for example, the Bowser player moves the GamePad around to aim and shoot fireballs at the other players while they attempt to dodge them.
  • Colors and textures pop off the screen as the Mario Party series leaps into high definition for the first time.
  • Enjoy new mini-games in classic Mario Party style with up to four players.
Pegi Rating


Release Date 20-03-2015
Single Player Yes
Online Play No
Competitive Multi-Player No
Split-Screen Multi-Player 2-4
Network Multiplayer No
Split-Screen Co-Op 2-4
Network Co-Op No
Online Co-Op No
Game Classifications
Main Perspective Isometric
Graphic Technology 3D
Technical Specifications
Supported Hardware Accessories Amiibo Supported,Wii Remote Supported


4.5/10by GameTrailers
6/10by Gamespot
2.5/5by GamesRader
2/5by The Guardian
6/10by Game Informer
6/10by Destructoid