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Antarctica The Frozen Continent | Karen Romano Young

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Explore a frozen continent full of incredible animals, places, people and stories.
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Antarctica - vast, cold and mysterious. This frozen continent is full of incredible stories. Here you can discover incredible wildlife, awe-inspiring landscapes and adventurous scientists and explorers.

Join author Karen Romano Young on a trip across Antarctica, hanging out with people and animals and learning about how this special place is changing, and what it means for our planet. Hang out with some of the coolest creatures on earth above and below the ice as you meet emperor penguins, killer whales and elephant seals. Suit up for the cold and explore some of the harshest landscapes on earth, following in the footsteps of brave explorers. And learn about how scientists survive here today and what they do all day - from studying climate change to investigating ice cores almost a million years old to learn about the history - and future - of our planet.
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