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Fire Food: The Ultimate BBQ Cookbook - Christian Stevenson (DJ BBQ)



Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd

Fire Food: The Ultimate BBQ Cookbook

Fire Food: The Ultimate BBQ Cookbook
In Fire Food DJ BBQ shows you how to ace the art of handling live fire so that you can grill, smoke and slow-roast meat, fish and veg that's out of this world.

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cheese pancakes, smoked potato salad), and enough madcap BBQ invention to see you through summer and well into winter. In fact, DJ BBQ takes inspiration from around the world (from Central America, via the Baltics, to North Africa), as well as the many BBQ chefs, gauchos, artisans and pitmasters he's met along the way. Your cookouts will never be the same again!

Quadrille Publishing Ltd


Number of Pages 192


"BBQ in the UK is developing and growing at a furious pace, and DJ BBQ is at the forefront of all things cooked over fire here. It's a delight to see that his new book inspires and educates with recipes from his travels, taking flavours and ingredients from around the globe and using them with innovation and flare to come up with stunning fire-cooked food. This is undoubtedly the way forward for outdoor cooking in the UK" -- Marcus Bawdon * UK BBQ Mag * "I can tell you Christian is one a prime authority on food and fire. His enthusiasm for, and dedication and knowledge of fire is only matched by Lucifer himself - only difference is that Christian will bring about world peace." -- Matt Burgess * Caravan * "Few souls on this earth possess the knowledge and skill to pull off writing a book like this. Years of live fire knowledge absolutely packed into one place. This book is very easy to read and relatable to everyone from the weekend griller with a Weber, to seasoned pitmasters looking for new ideas. DJ BBQ takes what he's learned traveling the world and applies techniques and unique ingredients to come up with what I believe to be the definitive live fire cooking guide on the market. This book is filled with explanations of live fire dos and don'ts, not just recipes. With this book in hand, you should have no problem blowing your guests' minds at your next backyard BBQ!" -- Madison Ruckel * Madison Ruckel * "No one brings the spirit of rock `n' roll to live fire cooking more viscerally than DJ BBQ" -- Nick Solares * Eater's Meat Show * "Get this book and your whole BBQ cooking game will reach Jedi level. May the fire be with you!" -- Nathan Outlaw * Nathan Outlaw * "DJ BBQ was born to do this - he lives and breathes the grill and this book has all the tips, tricks and advice you need to own your BBQ, with exciting recipes to get you grilling all year round" -- Jamie Oliver * Jamie Oliver * "Cooking with fire is an ancient tradition and while seemingly straight-forward, there is a real art to understanding fire and how it affects different foods. DJ BBQ is a master of the fire pit and a natural born griller. In Fire Food his expertise and experience have been combined to bring inspiring and delicious, fool-proof recipes, no matter the level of your skill" -- Sabrina Ghayour * Sabrina Ghayour * "After a life lived in the world's snootiest restaurants, this book just slapped me in the face with the realisation that food is supposed to be fun! Everything I love about DJ BBQ - the smoke, the meat, the beer, the air guitar, the energy, the teenager's sense of humour - is here in this book in glorious technicolour" -- Giles Coren * Giles Coren *