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March 21st, 2024, marks International Mother’s Day.

Throughout the year, our mothers selflessly prioritize their families above all else, making sure our lives run smoothly every single day. This Mother's Day 2024, let’s take it to another level with Mother’s Day Ideas that will sure to make every mom feel truly cherished.

We aim to show every mother how deeply they're valued with simple gift ideas for mothers and different ways you can make Mother’s Day a lot more memorable.

Gifts for any Type of Mom

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Many times, if you ask a mom what she'd like, she'll often shrug and say she doesn't need anything.

Even though we’ve all heard it, giving a Mother’s Day gift is more about sentiment than materialism. So, let’s start with surprising our moms with a beautiful gift!  Consider what they can use practically and be sure to pick an item that reflects their interests.

We’ve got a vast and diverse range of Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to find the perfect gift for every type of mom. Add a beautiful card to write a short and sweet message. Plus, if you need a gift box, we’ve got a solid selection; and don’t forget to top it off with gorgeous wrapping paper to seal the deal.

Surprise your Mom with Breakfast in Bed 

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An age-old tradition! Simple yet endearing. It's a beautiful way to show you care and start the day off strong. Even if your breakfast for Mother’s Day is simple, a warm meal paired with the perfect cup of coffee can put anyone in a good mood. Keep in mind the kind of food they actually like having for breakfast, what’s good for their health, and if they prefer tea over coffee. 

Just imagine the look on their face when they try your perfect brew made just for them! If you need a few quick tips on perfecting your Mother’s Day breakfast, and how to prepare the best coffee, we’ve got the tools to help you!

Make Your Own Mother’s Day Photo Album

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Growing up, most of our moms sorted and arranged photos of us growing up to save those memories close to their hearts. Wouldn’t it be surprising if we made one for them but from our point of view? 

Gather all your mom’s photos of the younger days she bragged about, all the the memories you've made together as a family, and the recent snapshots stored on your phone. Print them using a high-quality photo printer with ease and choose the perfect album as the canvas for your masterpiece.

Arrange all of it together and add a personal note on the back of the cover. Then Voila!  you’ve got a unique Mother’s Day gift that will not only mean the world, but be kept forever!

Write a Classic Letter for Mother’s Day

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A lot of the times we forget the importance of expressing gratitude and affirmation in words. Yet in the past, letters were the perfect medium for carefully expressing thoughts and sentiments on paper.

So, on that note - pun intended, let’s write a beautiful letter she won’t expect receiving! 

Let’s get old school and choose a beautiful type of paper to fold or roll up into a scroll. Plan your message out beforehand and use high pigmented pens or a calligraphy brush if you’re bold and write your message down. 

To add that extra wow, wrap your letter in a small ribbon or stamp to make it beautiful for her to have as a keepsake. 

Spend Personalised Quality Time

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Start by considering: What does your mom enjoy doing in her free time?

Does she relish cosy movie nights or engaging in card games at home? Does she prefer outings like shopping or attending events? Is she drawn to activities like cycling or unwinding on the beach with a good book?

Once you answer that question, propose to spend time with her doing what she loves. 

If it's reading a good book, cosy up and read alongside her. Take her to the most thrilling upcoming events or indulge her in some enjoyable retail therapy, where she can choose anything she wants! Spend quality time with her engaged in activities she enjoys, and be there to share every moment. Just having you nearby is surely enough for her, but ensure you consider choosing something she would personally enjoy.

And if your mom is abroad, don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks to powerful smartphones with incredible pixel quality, video calls are a great option. You can still enjoy watching a movie together, chat, share photos, and spend that little bit of quality time that’ll surely brighten her day.

We use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to show our appreciation but hey! let’s try to remember that every day is an opportunity to show our moms and loved ones just how much they mean to us.

On Mother’s Day you don’t need to hold back. Gift the women who have been mentors in your life, and the people who cared for us growing up. Let this day be a reminder of all the mothers and individuals that contributed to making us who we are! 

So, spread the love wish the moms of the world a Happy Mother’s Day!

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