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When it comes to planning events, especially for cherished annual occasions, the stress might try to sneak in like an uninvited guest. But fear not! We're here to make the planning process a breeze and ensure that you can focus on the joy of the season instead.

To kick things off, start by planning your party in advance and jotting down your tasks.

Whether you prefer using your phone for notes or love creating a colourful checklist, choose the method that suits you best. By breaking down your to-dos into tasks, you guarantee that no detail escapes your attention and streamlines the execution process.

If you're in need of planning materials, consider using the petite Design by Violet Botanica A5 Weekly Planner. Pair it with some lively, compact sticky notes in holiday-themed colours like the Carchivo Ingeniox Page Markers or opt for a small, convenient notepad like the Ban.do Take Note Tab Notes. Don’t worry about the rest because our checklist is here to your planning process a breeze!

Follow this simple and effective guide for planning and hosting a memorable Christmas gathering:

  1. Spread Joy Early – Send Invitations
  2. Set Up and Transform your Tree
  3. Prepare and Put-Up Stockings
  4. Dine in Style with Festive Tableware
  5. Gather and Arrange All the Gifts
  6. Set the Ambience with Music
  7. Plan Warm and Welcoming Treats
  8. Prep for a Festive Dinner
  9. Arrange Entertainment & Games
  10. Capture the Magic!

1. Spread Joy Early – Send Invitations

Christmas Invites.webp

Decide on your guest list and spread the joy by giving them a heads-up in advance. It might sound straightforward, but during this busy time of the year, sending your invites early is a small yet thoughtful act. It makes sure your loved ones have enough time to mark their calendars during the holiday rush, making the entire planning process smoother and more efficient.

After all, a little early joy sets an exciting tone for a festive gathering!

2. Set Up and Transform your Tree

Christmas tree.webp

We all the iconic Christmas tree is a central element of every festive celebration! So, once you set it up, make it shine with:

• Baubles:
Bring a burst of colour to your tree with the delightful Disney Mickey & Minnie Baubles. For an extra dose of magic, consider The Santa Express Glass Multi Coloured Bauble LED Light Chain– sparkly baubles with built-in LED for that extra holiday glow.

• Ornaments:
If you're feeling the Disney spirit, go for the charming Disney Hanging Ornaments Merryweather Flora Fauna. Or summon the child within with the Toy Story Hanging Decorations Set.

• Lights:
For grand and majestic trees, the Legami String of Lights is a perfect match. If your tree is on the petite side, consider the endearing Talking Tables Red and White Pom Pom Lights. Or, for a touch of extra magic, opt for the Legami Copper Wire Lights with Photo Holder Clips – a combination of light and memories, capturing all the wonderful moments of the past year. Let the tree-lighting joy begin!

3. Prepare and Put-Up Stockings

Put Up Stocking.webp

This tradition truly adds that extra layer of anticipation, so make that little extra effort of setting up a few festive stockings for your guests. The Paladone Harry Potter Hogwarts Stocking Stuffer Set is an all-in-one stocking and stuffing set to make it all ready for you! Otherwise, if you want to add that special touch of customization, check out how to make it more personalized!

4- Dine in Style with Festive Tableware

Christmas Tableware.webp

To infuse a festive difference into your beautiful dinner, consider adding the whimsical Talking Tables Craft with Santa Christmas Tree Napkin – a delightful touch to charm your table setting.

For an elegant touch, enhance your tableware with the exquisite Yvonne Ellen Melamine Side Plates. Illuminate the atmosphere by placing a few Wax Lyrical Winter Morning Candles around the table, filling the air with a refreshing sweet winter fragrance.

If you want to make the little ones feel extra special, the Paddington Ceramic Dinner Set is just the thing to get them excited about their own unique tableware. Once your table is a feast for the eyes, add a touch of fun and laughter with the Talking Tables Botanical Christmas Trivia and Charades. It's a petite box packed with trivia, questions, and charades for the dinner table. This little fun addition will help bring the energy to the table and help create more interaction and laughter around the table!

5. Gather and Arrange All Gifts

Christmas Gifts Arrangement.webp

Make sure all your gifts find their place beneath the tree and let them shine in all their glory! If you haven't nailed down your gifts yet, check out our Gift Ideas for inspiration to gift all your family and friends.

Once you’ve gathered them, ramp up the excitement by wrapping them with the beautiful Craftbox Assorted Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper or embrace tradition with the timeless appeal of the The Wild Kind London Polar Bear Bag. Because every gift deserves to be as exciting on the outside as it is on the inside!

If you're in need of bags to toss those goodies in, the Toasted Crumpet Christmas Dogs Shopper Bag brings the fun, or you can have that traditional charm with the classic Legami Christmas Gift Bag - North Pole.

6. Set the Ambience with Music

Christmas Music Vinyl.webp

To set the atmosphere, get your Christmas playlist ready! Drop the needle on the classic A Legendary Christmas Vol.1 The Red Collection vinyl, let the turntable work its charm, and bask in the enchanting voices of legendary artists singing the most cherished Christmas tunes.

Or you can opt for the Christmas 2012 Deluxe Edition, where Michael Bublé will whisk you away with his timeless renditions of the Classics!

7. Plan Warm and Welcoming Treats

Christmas Drinks & Treats.webp

Plan ahead the kind of drinks you’d like to have ready for when your guests arrive.

As your guests step through the door, make sure they feel that instant warmth and joy with a delightful welcome treat. Prepare some cosy festive drinks paired with tasty snacks to kick off the celebration.

Whether it's a comforting cup of hot chocolate, a sip of eggnog, or a refreshing cranberry punch, you're setting the perfect tone for your gathering! And for that extra festive touch, pop some small baked treats into the festive Wilton X'mas Red & Green Mixed Mini Baking Cups. It's all about starting the party on a delicious note!

8. Prep for a Festive Dinner Ahead of Time

Christmas Dinner Prep.webp

Now that the treats are all in order, let's make sure the main cooking is a breeze, leaving you stress-free for the setup. Arrange your feast with care, aiming for a spread that's both satisfying for your guests and minimizes any potential food waste. For some culinary inspiration, check out the Australian Women's Weekly One Pot | Dorling Kindersley for family-friendly recipes that require just one pot – simplicity at its tastiest!

And if you're thinking dessert, why not wrap up the meal with a scrumptious homemade pie? The Pie for Everyone Recipes and Stories has an array of pie recipes to choose from, guaranteeing your meal ends on a sweet and satisfying note!

9. Arrange Entertainment & Games

Christmas Games.webp

Once dinner wraps up, it's time to line up some group activities for everyone to enjoy! Have a stash of board games ready, such as the festive Aquarius Elf Card Scramble Board Game to keep the holiday spirit alive! If you're in for a longer and more intense gaming session, the Hasbro Classic Monopoly Board Game is a classic choice. For shorter, timed gaming sessions filled with laughs, consider R&R Games Times Up Title Recall.

10. Capture the Magic!

Capture Memories.webp

With everything going on, remember to capture the moment! Snap away and turn this gathering into a memory to cherish. Keep your Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera close at hand for instant prints, letting your guests take a piece of the joy home with them!

If you follow this check list, don’t be afraid to add your own unique ideas to the mix! You’re already well on your way of hosting a gathering that will make it hard for your guests to leave. The effort you put into planning it early and efficiently will definitely help take the stress off the setup, and every little touch you add creates the magic. So, have fun with the process!

We send you the best and warmest wishes this holiday season. May it be filled with laughter, love, and moments that become treasured memories!

Happy Planning!

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