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Picture this:

As October draws to a close, a crisp breeze fills the air, and skeletons start dancing in your neighbor’s backyard. What’s missing? A touch of intrigue and a dash of mystery!

Perhaps this year is your golden opportunity to conjure up a murder mystery Halloween party! Gather your family and friends together for a night full of suspense and excitement, and get ready to make Halloween 2023 a night they’ll be talking about for ages.

First, let’s start by turning your home into a creepy hideaway!


Let your kids go wild with the Legami Do Not Cross Crime Scene Toilet Roll and decorate your living room for a make-belief crime scene. Make sure to set clues all around the house and don’t forget the murder weapon. For children participating, this could be as child friendly as the Legami Shark Water Gun.

Make sure your room’s lighting is adjusted for an unnerving and mysterious ambience. Jack-O’-lanterns are an obvious staple, but if you want to add something new that will certainly make your room stand out, try adding unique lighting like the Paladone Harry Potter Cauldron Light. It’s a tall 7.1-inch magical cauldron lamp that has a bewitching and bubbling light effect! This lamp will not only mesmerize Harry Potter fans, but anyone who lays eyes upon it.

If there are any Stranger Things enthusiasts in your family, you can also opt for the Paladone Stranger Things Logo Light which gives out an eerie mood especially with the extra option to set it on its light pulsing mode.

Next, let’s set the mood with some ambient music.


For an ideal immersive experience, you can use the Halloween Howls Fun & Scary Music (Limited Edition) Vinyl with a beautiful Lenco TT-43WA Classic Phono Retro Turntable with Built-In Speakers for that old, vintage look.

You can also choose the viral Stranger Things - Season 4 Original Soundtrack. Not only is it perfect for mystery themes, but it also features a diverse selection of songs that are super catchy and entertaining!

Up next, let’s kick it up a notch and give your costumes that little extra flair.


In a murder mystery themed party, you can be any character you want — the options are endless! For any guests playing detective, make sure to include the Rex London Secret Agent Magnifying Glass to make them fully immersed in their role! Add the Legami Adhesive Fake Moustaches and you’ll definitely get a chuckle or two.

For anyone who wants to add makeup to their costume, the Nailmatic Kids Tattoo Pens are easy to use for any character you can come up with! whether you’re the ghoulish victim, the undead suspect, or an alien detective, the only limit is your imagination!

Now, for the final scene.


Once the culprit is found, this is the perfect moment to stage an arrest and take a few snaps for everyone to remember! Use the Polaroid Now Generation 2 i-Type Instant Camera for an iconic polaroid shot to add to your albums or journal.

And of course, let’s make sure we sweeten the deal by treating the winner with a prize!

For adults, the Happy Socks Halloween Unisex Adult Crew Socks Gift Set as snug as a pumpkin in a patch – simple, cozy and perfect for Halloween spirit! As for the children, the Where's Wally? Spooky Spotlight Search is a perfect Halloween gift. This fantastic activity book has sold millions of copies worldwide, and this spooky edition even includes glow-in-the-dark magic that any kid would love.

Once you’ve unravelled the mystery, stay put.

The night’s still got some tricks up its sleeve!


Let’s keep the ball rolling with board games for the whole family. You can start with Hasbro Cluedo, The Classic Mystery Game to live on the murder mystery groove. And if you're up for another unsolved mystery, don't miss out on the Exit: House of Riddles Board Game. It's sure to keep the excitement going for all problem-solvers!

To shake things up a bit, the Boardgame Space Ghost Blitz Card Game is an absolute riot. You'll need ninja-like reflexes, and the best part? It's a total crowd-pleaser for all ages!

Last but not least, we can’t have tricks without treats.


Check out the 100 Cookies The Baking Book For Every Kitchen With Classic Cookies Novel Treats Brownies Bars And More for a wide array of treats to bake for your party. Create some unique homemade goodies to share with the trick-or-treaters. Your whole neighborhood will thank you!

And let's not forget our furry family members!


Show your pets some Halloween love with the Moochie Mystic Forest Chicken Carrot & Pumpkin Flavor Pouch for your feline friend or the Lily's Kitchen Simply Glorious Chicken Jerky Dog Treats for your canine companion. Including your pets in the festivities will make your party feel all the more complete.

As you dive into the preparations for this Halloween escapade, we send our warmest wishes for luck, laughter, and spine-chilling memories. Happy Halloween! and may your murder mystery-themed celebration be the talk of the town for years to come!

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