Anker Innovations

A global leader in smart charging technologies and an innovator in consumer tech products including audio, entertainment and smart home: Anker charging, eufy appliances, eufy security, Nebula projectors and Soundcore audio.

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Anker Charging Devices

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Nebula Home Entertainment

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Soundcore Audio System

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eufy Smart Home Appliances

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eufy Smart Home Surveillance

Anker GaNPrime

Introducing GaNPrime, Anker’s Most Intelligent Multi-Device Fast Charging System, a technology that monitors the power needs of connected devices in real time and intelligently distributes power accordingly to ensure the best charge every time.

eufy RoboVac X8 Series

It is the world's first twin turbine powered robovac, that offers 2000Pa x 2 suction power. This improves the device’s dynamic pressure, improving pet hair pickup by 57.6% while reducing entanglement on the roller brush. Best for pet owners.