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This Month We Love This Month We Love

Watch this space for our Top Picks every month

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd-Gen

The sleek 3rd-Gen. Nest Learning is the first and only smart Wi-Fi thermostat that learns your daily routine and adapts correspondingly.

With a screen that’s easier to read, larger but thinner profile and hosts new sensors, this smart thermostat features energy-saving smarts in a slightly more capable and eye-catching package.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

Google’s smart speaker just got more trendy. The Home Mini Smart speaker includes all the nifty features of its larger version making it the IT product for your home.

Nano Leaf Aurora Smarter Kit

Create light exactly how you imagine it – whether setting the mood for a party, a date, or enabling your little ones to run free with their imaginations, the possibilities are endless with the Nano Leaf Aurora Smarter Kit – all at the touch of a button or with Siri/Alexa voice and Google assistant.

Chipolo Lost & Found Tracker

If you’re one who tends to misplace things; whether your keys, wallet, phone or a tablet - worry no more!

Simply attach Chipolo to anything and everything you love and connect it to the app with a Bluetooth tracker loud enough to find anything within seconds.

Ring Doorbell Elite

Feeling lazy to answer the door?  See, hear and speak to anyone on the other side from any phone, tablet or even your PC. Improve your home’s security while adding convenience to answering the door with this smart doorbell – feel the power right at your fingertips with Ring Doorbell Elite.