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Back To School Treasure Hunt

Rules of the Game

• Guess the contents hidden inside the 4 red lockers for a chance to win a Back To School Bundle.

• Clues will be given daily from September 5th to 8th on Instagram to help you understand what are the hidden items. You can refer to our Instagram Highlights to review it all!

• On September 9th, a ShortStack from will be provided for you to enter your answers. You have 24 hours to submit your answers.

• On September 10th – we will be selecting the final four people to join our Treasure Hunt. The first four people who answer all clues correctly will be the chosen ones.

• The users will have to be based in UAE. Each winner will need to be/have a member of their household family who is heading back to school.

• The treasure hunt will happen on September 11th. The 4 chosen ones will have to find the correct key in our store in order to unlock the locker.

• The person who unlocks the locker wins the prize bundle hidden behind it! Once a person has unlocked a locker, the win and game ends for them.

• The 4 chosen ones will be given 1-hr to search for the right key in our store.