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Anthology Dvd Bx5 - BEATLES





Anthology Dvd Bx5

Anthology Dvd Bx5
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1Side #1 - Episodes 1 & 2 Liverpool: The Childhood Years 7:35
2Discovering Rock & Roll 11:20
3John, Paul & George - the Beginning of the Beatles 5:21
4First Recordings 1958-1960 2:55
5Stuart Sutcliffe 3:18
6Early Tours 6:58
7Pete Best 2:07
8Hamburg 13:15
9Growing Pains 1:08 Stuart Sutcliffe Leaves 2:07
10The Cavern 4:08
11Decca Sessions 1:28
12George Martin 1:39
13Ringo Arrives 4:44
14Love Me Do 3:12
15Please Please Me - "We're No. 1" 7:25
16Racing Up the Ladder 11:01
17Touring Britain - 1963 11:28
18London - 1963 4:01
19Early Television Appearances 3:44
20Voice Clips from Abbey Road Studios 4:55
21Reflections on Sudden Fame 5:13
22Beatlemania 4:40
23Royal Variety Performance 9:40
24Second Album: "With the Beatles" 9:40
25Olympia Theatre, Paris - 1964 1:22
26I Want to Hold Your Hand Reaches No. 1 in the U.S. 5:49
27Episodes 3 & 4 Arrival in the U.S. - February 1964 9:57
28First Appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show 3:54
29The Coliseum Concert - Washington, D.C. 10:28
30Reception at the British Embassy 1:06
31Miami Beach 3:02
32Second Appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show 3:52
33Return to England 1:53
34They're Going to Put Us in the Movies! 3:02
35Filming "A Hard Day's Night" 10:52
36In His Own Write 1:59
37World Tour 1964 14:44
38World Premiere of "A Hard Day's Night" 2:13
39Liverpool Homecoming 5:42
40First Major U.S. Tour - Summer, 1964 9:09
41Meeting Bob Dylan 3:02
42The Pressures of Touring 6:12
43Feedback - "I Feel Fine" 3:49
44Recording "Beatles for Sale" 8:49
45Filming "Help!" 14:25
46Yesterday 5:10
47Nme Poll Winners' Concert - April 11, 1965 1:57
48George Talks About His Songs 4:08
49Ticket to Ride 2:42
50The Beatles Receive the Mbe from the Queen 11:01
51Episodes 5 & 6 Shea Stadium Concert - August 15, 1965 15:36
52Meeting Elvis Presley 5:02
53More Tour Pressure 2:31
54New Musical Directions: "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver" 8:19
55Yellow Submarine 3:39
56Tomorrow Never Knows 1:27
57Technical Limitations in the Studio 2:54
58LSD 3:15
59Day Tripper 3:15
60We Can Work It Out 2:45
61Taped TV Promotional Films 1:36
62Paperback Writer 2:54
63Rain 2:59
64World Tour 1966 15:25
65Trouble in the Philippines 8:33
66Eleanor Rigby 9:24
67Touring Takes It's Toll 2:35
68The Last Concert - San Francisco, August 19, 1966 4:51
69Individual Directions 5:43
70The Making of "Strawberry Fields Forever" 5:49
71Penny Lane 5:16
72SGT. Pepper's 5:34
73A Day in the Life 10:07
74Reaction to "SGT. Pepper's" 3:06
75Drugs Reflect the Times 4:37
76Baby You're a Rich Man 5:04
77Episodes 7 & 8 Satellite Broadcast of "All You Need Is Love" 10:09
78Meeting the Maharishi 4:17
79Brian Epstein's Death 8:16
80Magical Mystery Tour 10:04
81I Am the Walrus 5:10
82Hello Goodbye 3:43
83The Apple Boutique 2:20
84Rishikesh, India 8:41
85Apple Records 7:58
86Lady Madonna 2:26
87Yellow Submarine 4:03
88John Meets Yoko Ono 6:22
89The "White" Album 9:22
90Revolution 3:19
91The Apple Boutique Closes 2:49
92Hey Jude 7:29
93Recording at Twickenham Studios 9:51
94Billy Preston Sits in 2:58
95The Long and Winding Road 3:49
96The Rooftop Concert January 30, 1969 10:02
97Let It Be 3:58
98Paul Marries Linda, John Marries Yoko 3:05
99The Ballad of John and Yoko 2:55
100Comments on the Break-Up of the Band 5:29
101Abbey Road 8:54
102Free As a Bird 7:48