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Cherubini: Medea (Milano 10/12/1953) - MARIA CALLAS




Cherubini: Medea (Milano 10/12/1953)

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Maria Callas TITLE: Cherubini: Medea (Milano, 10/12/1953)(2CD) <> The character of Medea became closely associated with Maria Callas. In 1969, several years after she had left the opera stage, she even played the betrayed and finally infanticidal sorceress in a film directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Her second run of appearances in Cherubini's opera was at La Scala in 1953 with Leonard Bernstein conducting. He later described her as "a power station" in the role, and soprano and conductor did indeed strike sparks off each other in the theatre: this performance is incandescent. In 1962, Medea brought Callas's her final appearances at La Scala, the opera house that in the 1950s had become her artistic home.

1Medea: Sinfonia to Act 1 (Live)
2Medea, Act 1: "Che? Quando gi¿ corona Amor" (Ancelle, Chorus, Glauce) [Live]
3Medea, Act 1: "O Amore, vieni a me!" (Glauce) [Live]
4Medea, Act 1: "No, non temer" (Creonte, Glauce, Giasone) [Live]
5Medea, Act 1: "O bella Glauce" (Chorus, Glauce) [Live]
6Medea, Act 1: "Colco! Pensier fatal!" (Glauce, Giasone, Creonte) [Live]
7Medea, Act 1: "Or che pi¿ non vedr¿" (Giasone) [Live]
8Medea, Act 1: "Ah, gi¿ troppo turb¿" (Creonte) [Live]
9Medea, Act 1: "Pronube dive" (Creonte, Chorus, Glauce, Giasone) [Live]
10Medea, Act 1: "Signor! Ferma una donna" (Captain of the Guard, Creonte, Medea, Giasone, Glauce, Chor
11Medea, Act 1: "Qui tremar devi tu" (Creonte, Glauce, Chorus) [Live]
12Medea, Act 1: "Taci, Giason" (Medea, Giasone) [Live]
13Medea, Act 1: "Dei tuoi figli la madre" (Medea) [Live]
14Medea, Act 1: "Son vane qui minacce" (Giasone) [Live]
15Medea, Act 1: "Nemici senza cor" (Medea, Giasone) [Live]
16Medea, Act 2: Introduction (Live)
17Medea, Act 2: "Soffrir non posso" (Medea, Neris, Creonte) [Live]
18Medea, Act 2: "Date almen per piet¿" (Medea, Creonte, Neris, Chorus) [Live]
19Medea, Act 2: "Medea, o Medea!" (Neris) [Live]
20Medea, Act 2: "Solo un pianto con te versare" (Neris) [Live]
21Medea, Act 2: "Creonte a me solo un giorno d¿?" (Medea, Neris, Giasone) [Live]
22Medea, Act 2: "Figli miei, miei tesor" (Medea, Giasone) [Live]
23Medea, Act 2: "Hai dato pronto ascolto" (Medea, Neris) [Live]
24Medea, Act 2: "Ah! Triste canto! ... Dio dell'Amor!" (Medea, Chorus, Creonte, Glauce, Giasone) [Live
25Medea, Act 3: Introduction (Live)
26Medea, Act 3: "Numi, venite a me" (Medea, Neris) [Live]
27Medea, Act 3: "Del fiero duol che il cor mi frange" (Medea) [Live]
28Medea, Act 3: "Neris, che hai fatto" (Medea, Neris) [Live]
29Medea, Act 3: "E che? Io son Medea!" (Medea, Chorus, Giasone, Neris) [Live]