Miko 3

Miko launches kid's potential into the stratosphere with its super-powered personality, and range of educational content. Packed with deep-learning AI, Miko gets to know you a little better every day. Need a maths and sciences study buddy? How about a yoga session to calm your mind? Miko’s on it. Because it’s not just the most educational and entertaining little robot you’ll ever meet. It’s also your friend.

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Parents stay updated with Mikoconnect.


Hardware built for worry-free playtime.


Go multilingual with Miko!

Miko 3

Study buddy & a Friend Playful learning with a lovable robot.

Wide range of academic opportunities and an integrated learning platform that offers access to live classes from educators around the world

Meet Miko The ridiculously smart, seriously fun robot.

Discover the Miko headquarters where the world's greatest inventors show us that creativity is constant and playful learning is a must.

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Miko 3

Miko is an AI-powered children’s robot that makes learning fun and easy with its super-powered brain and supportive personality. Designed by experts in child education, Miko grows up alongside children from 5-10 years. There are 1,000+ experiences are available on Miko – from maths, science, yoga, and more. Miko is multilingual with the capacity to speak several languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, French, and German. Parents can track their children’s content and progress with the Mikoconnect application.