How To Take A Perfect Selfie


Although, a very natural concept and a practice we’ve been conducting for years, the word selfie only really became popular in the year 2012.
It was one of the top buzzwords for that year actually.
I would say the surge in popularity of the term and practice would be due to better resolution in our mobile phone cameras and the rise in social media bloggers.
Although the term was popular with a small minority group in the early 2010’s, everyone now knows someone who’s taken a selfie (my grandparents included).

Now that we all know the rules of the game, we just need to learn how to master them. And taking a selfie using an iPad is not one of them.
Here are some basic rules on how to take the perfect selfie:

1. The Device:

You’ve got to make sure you have the perfect tool to take the selfie. Like I said, you can’t be taking a photo from an iPad. The resolution is bad and the megapixels are just not high enough. The latest mobile phones seem to do the trick or a nice camera would work just fine also. Also, the device needs to be light enough for you to hold with one hand (just in case you want to use the other hand as a prop).

2. The Lighting:

In order to achieve flawless skin, the right contour and the best overall image, you’ve got to have good lighting. Nothing ruins a picture more than terrible lighting. Haven’t you noticed all those professional photo studios with lots of lighting? Yes they are there for a reason. Make sure you take a photo in a well-lit room to achieve your best look.

3. The angle:

Top Left. That’s the best angle for me. Have you ever tried to compare selfies from two different angles? Take a picture of yourself holding the phone below your chin, take one from right in front of your face and take one with the phone positioned above your forehead slightly angled to the left or the right. Time and time again, you’ll note the difference between the three and will find your ‘sweet spot’ aka the last suggested angle.

Now I’m really not trying to encourage vanity here, but there comes a time when you need to take a selfie and you have got to make sure you’re well equipped.
Practice what you’ve earned and share your ‘perfect selfie’ with us!

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