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Let’s face it, climate change becomes a bigger threat to us day by day and fossil fuels become scarcer and more expensive – although, it’s never really too late to look more into the alternatives. Modern Eco-transportation has been with us for a while now and are an undeniable awesome way to get around. Save the gas money and just scoot your way out of traffic jams with these electric mode of transportation starting from e-scooters speeding through e-skates.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooters Sturdy enough to keep up with city traffic, Xiaomi’s Mi Electric scooters are affordable, easy to ride and can boost your speed up to 15mph. Every aspect of the scooter is crafted with simplicity in mind, made to look right and to feel right.

Ninebot by Segway Kickscooter Es1 & Es2 Your lightweight easy-storage travel companion in leisure, shopping and commuting – with a total weight of 11.3Kg, Segway KickScooters can be carried and folded in no time and stored easily in your car or on a public transport, taking up a minimum amount of space. Maximum speed? Up to 15.5.mph.

Sponge Ebike Electric/Manual Bicyle Sponge Ebike is a compact and an easy foldable bicycle made for cities. With a maximum speed of 30Km/h, reach your destination without any traffic jams. Got tired of pedaling? Switch into the Electric mode or simply use the power-assisted mode – it will make the engine help you press on the pedals and make the travel more easier.

Globber One K E-Motion Stylish e-scooter with a second kleefer folding system for easier parking and storage at work or at home. It features an LCD display that monitors your speed, distance and battery capacity. The rear GUM tyre ensures a smooth ride and goes up to maximum 25Km/h.

Segway Drift W1 E-Skates Seway E-Skates introduces a new stylish way to move around and have fun, with a total of 7Kgs of weight, it allows users to easily carry it around. Don’t worry about the balancing, it does that for you too! Step on it and have fun.

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