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Last-minute Sugar Skull Make-up Last-minute Sugar Skull Make-up

How to: Last-minute Sugar Skull Make-up

It’s that time of year again – and as Halloween night quickly approach, you could be running out of time to prepare for a groundbreaking costume. Most of your friends have probably had their Halloween costume and makeup ready ages ago, but for us, procrastinators... there’s no need to panic cause we all know that last-minute DIYs is our forte. So where do we settle? Sugar Skull!

Step One: Prime! – you know how important this part is, let’s not rish a cakey finish or, worse, a makeup meltdown. Start by gliding a bright white foundation stick all over your face then blend it out with a beauty bender or a kabuki brush.

Step Two: Once you blended the foundation out, it’s time to bake! Layer out your base with white powder using a kabuki brush. Gently dab the powder and spread it out in circular motion. This will help exaggerate the color and help keep it locked in place

Step Three: Use dark shadows for this step; take a fluffy blending brush to tone the dark shadows from the crease up to the brow. This will soften the edges of the shadow and will make your eyes look bigger, creating that skull eye-socket effect. Brighten the whole eye are by blending lighter shadows around the entire eye (we suggest a color that will contradict the grey one) into the socket, and then the crease. To give the look dimension, add a metallic shade at the inner corners and smudge it underneath the eye.

Step Four: You could keep your brows the way it is or you can go cray with your imagination by painting it with a different color – it’s really up to you

Step Five: You could use an eyeliner to outline the petals surrounding your eye area. Follow your petal outline with shades dark shades, i.e., black or grey or red – this will help intensify your eye look. PS: the petal outline shouldn’t be too big nor far from your eyes.

Step Six: Finish off with a dark lipstick and enjoy trick-or-treating

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