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Smart Cara PCS350 Food Waste Disposal Unit


Amazed by how this technology works especially in my kitchen. Makes me feel good that i'm contributing to the environment.
Very good product
Finally a product that is useful and most importantly helps our environment. Five Stars without any questions asked.
My favorite household appliance
I have been using my food waste magic box for a few months and can I just say it really does what it says on the box and videos. I literally throw all our families food waste after breakfast, lunch and dinner into the Smartcara and in 4 hours I get a soil looking byproduct which I have been using with my dogs food. As it says in the instructions the food waste is reduced by 90% and the 10% left is treated through the cycle and turns into a highly nutritious soil amendment and can be used for organic fruits and vegetables but I decided to go for the second option as I have two dogs so what I do is mix in the highly nutritious byproduct into the dogs plates and they love it. It has actually saved me some money in my budget towards pet feeding. This really is a great product for the environment and for the last few months my house has produced ZERO food waste. Can't wait to have some of my friends visit VIRGIN MEGASTORE so they can join my journey.
Keeps my kitchen extremely clean
It keeps my kitchen extremely clean. It also solved our pest control issues at home. Love this machine!

Smart Cara PCS350 Food Waste Disposal Unit

Smart Cara PCS350 Food Waste Disposal Unit
Smart Cara PCS350 Food Waste Disposal Unit
Smart Cara PCS350 Food Waste Disposal Unit
Smart Cara PCS350 Food Waste Disposal Unit
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Product details

SMART CARA is the waste disposal system that saves time, energy, and space by reducing food waste into dried powder, allowing for the sanitary, odourless long term storage of food waste. Food waste that contains moisture is completely dehydrated and pulverized into a powder that is 1/10th of the original mass. The resulting waste is easily disposed of once a month.

An artificial intelligence feature that has been installed for individuals of special assistance.

SMART CARA does not need any installation, simple plug in and fill up mechanism.

How it Works:

1. Food Waste Is Crushed And Dried Using High-Heat Cross Sectional Multi- Rolling System In Conjunction With Air-Circulation
- The efficiency is maximized through heating methods
- The internal impellers circulate, condensation will be generated due to moisture
- Outside air is brought in to increase drying

2. Strong Crushing Power With Minimum Noise
- The grinding blades are sharp, eliminating a large amount of noise
- The blunt force of the 3-piece impeller is strong enough to crush chicken bones
- Operating at 6-8 rpm, it generates almost no noise

3. Auto Shutdown Once Drying Is Confirmed Through an Intelligent Energy Saving System
- Drying time is automatically adjusted to the amount of waste inserted
- Saving energy by reducing unnecessary drying time
- Biomass (residue) can be used as a high nutrient 'Organic Fertilizer'

4. Self-Cleaning Technique – Once The Operating Cycle Is Complete, Refill The Bucket With Water And Press The Self-Cleaning Button
- Cleaning time is automatically adjusted according to the amount of waste within the bucket
- Reject water is then thrown out and the bucket is completely clean!
- Self-cleaning mechanism also cleans the inner filter

*Power Saving Features: One Cycle operation electricity consumption: 1kWh. Average monthly electricity: 5 AED *based on UAE national average 10 fils per kWh


InstallationStand-Alone System
Power Consumption0.5 kWh per cycle
ReductionUp to 90%
Processing Time3 hours on average
Weight9 Kg
Dimensions270(w) x 300(d) x 350(h)
Power voltage220V - 240V
Capacity1.5 - 2.0 Kg
Replacement filtersApproximately 3 months depending on the frequency of use and the organic materials that are being processed.
Artificial IntelligenceNone