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Kung Fu Panda Showdown Of Legendary Legends Ps4 - Standard


PlayStation 4

Publisher: Little Orbit LLC


Kung Fu Panda Showdown Of Legendary Legends Ps4

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends
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Product details

It is an age of Kung Fu heroes, warriors, and best of all, LEGENDARY LEGENDS! Fight it out alongside Po, Tigress, Monkey, Tai Lung, Master Shifu, and all of your favorite Kung Fu Panda characters to compete in the Showdown of Legendary Legends. Up to four players brawl in icon ic locations throughout the Valley of Peace and beyond. Compete in an epic Tournament where all Kung Fu warriors contend for honor and glory. Showdown of Legendary Legends will have a wide assortment of modes available for single and multiplayer. All multiplayer modes will include options for both local and online play.

Key Features
  • Fight in an action-packed brawler competition set in the Kung Fu Panda universe – a showdown where all fighters must use their unique skills to compete for honor and glory
  • Team up with dozens of playable characters – 24 popular heroes and villains from the Kung Fu Panda universe – 20 characters will be available at launch with 4 new unlockable characters from Kung Fu Panda 3 available at the film’s release
  • 3D environments from all of the Kung Fu Panda films - with 12 locations will be available at launch and 3 brand new Kung Fu Panda unlockable locations available at the film release date
  • *Basic levels – keep your character from being knocked off a platform or surface
  • *Moving levels – areas are in constant motion throughout the fight
  • *Danger levels – players must fight the environment as well as their opponents, platforms may crumble, change, collapse or have features (i.e., cannons) that may knock players out of the world
  • Game modes
  • *Single-player modes: Practice, Tutorial and Tournament of Legends
  • *Multiplayer modes: Versus, Team Play, and Tag Team playable locally and online
  • *Leaderboards: Show the rankings of top players and the player’s position
  • Unique fighting styles – every character in the game has special attacks, unique moves and an Awesome Attack
  • Companion characters – picking up a companion item will summon a companion character. The companion will perform a special attack against an opponent before disappearing
  • Fight against friends and family locally or online
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Release Date 04-12-2015
Single Player Yes
Online Play 2-4
Split-Screen Multi-Player 2-4
Game Classifications
Main Perspective Side-on
Graphic Technology 3D