publisher: KOEI TECMO EUROPE Limited
PlayStation 4

A.O.T. 2: Final Battle

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Product Details


A.O.T. 2: Final Battle offers gripping new gameplay modes to players, allowing them to experience the captivating narrative of the anime’s Season 3 storyline and develop their own regiment to reclaim land from the Titans. In Character Episode mode, gamers follow the Season 3 storyline across three different timelines: the Scout Regiment, 104th Cadet Corps, and the Warriors - witnessing pivotal plot points through the eyes of key characters. In Territory Recovery mode; aspiring commanders can create their own dream team, using any of the over 40 playable characters on the roster to venture outside of the walls and fight to claim land back for humanity.

A wealth of equipment is supplied to the Scouts to tackle all shapes and sizes of Titans. The tried-and-tested Slashing Gear uses blades to deliver high damage to body parts. Those who prefer long-distance attacks can instead equip the deadly Shooting Gear; with two guns dealing quick-fire damage. The Thunder Spear and Gatling Gun are also on hand for those who need to deal higher amounts of spectacular destruction.

Key Features
  • Fight the Titans with Omni-directional movements! - The omni-directional mobility gear feature allows you to fly freely around the battlefield. Manoeuvring with your ODM gear is essential for taking down Titans. To defeat a Titan, severing their limbs will make it easier for you to attack their weakspot; the nape of the neck.
  • *Dart Destruction - Attacking a limb will eventually sever it. Locking Titans down and restricting their movements is the key to defeating them.
  • *Replenishing Items - The use of omni-directional mobility gear consumes gas. Your blade will also become worn and damaged through continued use. You'll need to keep an eye on the condition of your gear and refuel or replace as required.
  • *Fighting Alongside Comrades - If you meet up with allies during a battle, you can fight alongside them. You can even give your allies commands, such as "Attack" or "Scatter." Team members possess a variety of buddy actions to support you in the field.
  • *Control Assist - When Control Assist is ON, controls are simplified when attacking Titans.
  • Strategies using new weapons - New weapons introduced in Season 3 of the TV anime. It will bring further evolution to Omni-directional action in the game.
  • *Anti-Personnel ODM - Attacks can be made with not only the blade, but also a gun. This allows for new strategies, like ganging up on the Titans using long range attacks.
  • *Battle Weapon "Thunder Spear" - Able to wipe out multiple normal Titans with an overwhelmingly powerful attack or deliver massive amounts of damage.
  • Town Life - The Town Life feature provides a brief respite for characters to enjoy ordinary life in-between battles. Not only does this help to progress the story, it also gives players the chance to converse with companions and undertake challenge missions that explore side stories and increases strength and skills.
  • *Friendship - Friendship with other characters will rise when you join them in missions or send them presents. Higher Friendship will release a variety of events. Conversation events and skills, types of bases and strategies, and more will increase. Players can spend time in the town to develop relationships, train and prepare for their next expedition.
  • Online Competitive and Cooperative Play - Face off against other players with four varied types of online competition!
  • *Showdown Mode
  • *Expulsion Mode
  • *Predator Mode
  • *Annihilation Mode
  • Territory Recovery Mode - In this mode, players choose their favorite characters and create an original Corps for the purpose of recovering territory outside the walls. Any character can be selected, even those that would normally never team up. When all conditions are met members Friendship will grow. As Friendship grows, various extras are made available, including game original events, which allow players to enjoy the game for a longer time, even after the game is cleared once. Nifa offers her assistance by giving players guidance as to how to progress through the game.
  • *Camaraderie - As you play the game, you can add comrades to your regiment. As you progress even deeper into the game, you can raise your camaraderie with them, and power up your regiment even further.
  • *Choose Your Emblem - Regiments that are striving to recover territory outside the walls can freely change their emblem (regiment emblem). As you recover more and more territory, the number of emblems you can choose from will increase.
  • *Battle Scene - Any character can be selected, even those that would normally never team up.
Pegi Rating



Release Date 05-07-2019


Single Player Yes
Online Play 2-8
Network Multiplayer No
Split-Screen Co-Op No
Network Co-Op No
Online Co-Op 2-4

Game Classifications

Main Perspective 3rd-Person Perspective
Graphic Technology 3D

Technical Specifications

Supported Video Resolution HDTV 1080p,HDTV 1080i,HDTV 720p