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Splatoon Solus Wii U - Standard


Nintendo Wii U

Publisher: Nintendo of Europe GmbH


Splatoon Solus Wii U

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Action Shooter
Fantasy  Creature(s) 


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It's splat or be splatted! Take to the turf for a brand new kind of battle in Splatoon, only on Wii U. Go up against players from around the globe in thrilling 4-vs-4 online multiplayer matches, where your teamwork and tactics need to be as sharp as your shooting. Take control of an Inkling, a unique species capable of switching between human and squid forms, in this distinctive action shooter. Inklings can run, leap, and shoot while in human form, while as squid they can swiftly swim through their team's ink. Use these talents to scale walls coated in your colours to reach high-up vantage points, lie in wait for unsuspecting players, or cook up devious strategies of your own! Head online for good clean fun in the 4-vs-4 Turf War, where the aim is simple: claim as much territory as possible by coating it in your team's colours! Whether you like to spray fast and loose or hang back to make sure nobody inks over your colours, players of all play styles and skill levels can contribute to their team's result. For more intense competition, head to Ranked Battle, where you can take on a range of modes offering unique rules and ways to play. In Splat Zones, fight for control of a certain area of the stage, rather than the whole map. However you like to play, remember the importance of tactics and working together with your teammates: it's all about mind over splatter in this game. The Wii U GamePad provides everything an Inkling could need, right at its tentacle-tips: aim with total precision thanks to effortless and intuitive motion controls, and easily check the flow of battle with a glance at the GamePad touch screen. If a team-mate's in trouble, tap their icon to fly straight over in support, quick as a splash! Battle against the forces of the Octarian army in a single-player campaign mode, or go head-to-head with a friend in the local 1-on-1 Battle Dojo, where you compete to burst the most balloons. Both modes are perfect for polishing the skills you need to succeed online, so don't underestimate the importance of proper practice! Equip yourself with a main, sub and special weapon from a wide range of varied options. If you like to get up close and personal, the Splat Roller is perfect for covering large swathes of ground, while the Splattershot is the ultimate all-rounder. It's not just what's in your hands that affects how you play: purchase and equip clothes, hats and shoes that affect your character's skills, so you can tailor your clothing to suit your own personal play style.

Key Features
  • Splat, jump, swim and squid around in this unique action shooter
  • Work as a team to cover the most ground with ink in 4-vs-4 Turf Wars
  • Hone your skills in a single-player campaign, and two-player local multiplayer
  • Customise your Inkling’s clothing to boost attributes and access helpful perks
Pegi Rating


Release Date 29-05-2015
Single Player Yes
Online Play 2-8
Competitive Multi-Player No
Split-Screen Multi-Player No
Network Multiplayer No
Game Classifications
Main Perspective 3rd-Person Perspective
Graphic Technology 3D
Technical Specifications
Supported Hardware Accessories Amiibo Supported,Wii Remote Supported,Classic Controller Supported
Supported Video Resolution HDTV 720p


8.4/10by GameTrailers
4/5by Giantbomb
3.5/5by GamesRader
8.5/10by Polygon
8/10by Gamespot
4/5by The Guardian
7.75/10by Game Informer
8.5/10by Destructoid