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Pokemon X 3Ds - Standard


Nintendo 3DS

Publisher: Nintendo of Europe GmbH


Pokemon X 3Ds

Pokémon X
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Product details


A breathtaking 3D world awaits as you begin your adventure in Pokemon X, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. Journey to the Kalos Region, a land steeped in mystery, as you take your first steps into the next evolution of Pokemon and choose from three newly discovered starter Pokemon! In this RPG, choose one of the three newly discovered starter Pokemon - the Grass-type Chespin, the Fire-type Fennekin and the Water-type Froakie - and start your adventure. Each has its own special moves, and will gain experience through battles, becoming stronger and eventually evolving. In Pokemon X, your Pokemon adventure takes on a new dimension. Every corner of the star-shaped Kalos Region is brought to life, from the cobbled streets of Lumiose City to the most far-flung corners of the wilderness. Lumiose City is a thriving metropolis, and from the iconic tower at its centre to its bustling shops brimming with customers, you're sure to find plenty to discover and enjoy. There are a number of newly discovered Pokemon waiting to meet you. Gogoat is a Grass-type Pokemon so large it can carry people on its back, Sylveon is a newly discovered Evolution of Eevee, and there's a mysterious Pokemon that's connected in some way to Mewtwo. There's also Xerneas, a recently discovered Legendary Pokemon. Armed with your new Pokedex, get ready to step into the Kalos Region and begin your new Pokemon adventure!

main story/campaign length
25-50 Hours
Key Features
  • Enjoy a new style of 3D gameplay for the first time in a handheld Pokémon title
  • Travel to the Kalos Region for the first time and meet newly discovered Pokémon
Pegi Rating


Release Date 12-10-2013
Single Player Yes
Online Play 2-4
Competitive Multi-Player 2-4
Split-Screen Multi-Player No
Network Multiplayer 2-4
Game Classifications
Main Perspective 3rd-Person Perspective
Graphic Technology 3D


9/10by Computer and Video
9/10by GameTrailers
9.5/10by Polygon
4/5by GamesRader
8.75/10by Game Informer
4.5/5by Joystiq