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Nintendo New 3Ds Black +Monster Hunter 4 +Faceplate

New Nintendo 3DS

Brand: Nintendo

Nintendo New 3Ds Black +Monster Hunter 4 +Faceplate

Nintendo New 3Ds Black +Monster Hunter 4 +Faceplate
Nintendo New 3Ds Black +Monster Hunter 4 +Faceplate
Nintendo New 3DS + Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, New Nintendo 3DS, ARM11, 268 MHz, Black, Analogue / Digital, Select, D-pad, Start

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Product details

Nintendo New 3DS + Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Platform: New Nintendo 3DS, Built-in processor: ARM11, Processor frequency: 268 MHz. Colour of product: Black, Gaming control technology: Analogue / Digital, Gaming control function keys: Select, D-pad, Start. Display: LCD, Display diagonal: 8.458 cm (3.330"), Display resolution: 320 x 240 pixels. Built-in memory capacity: 1 GB, Compatible memory cards: MicroSD (TransFlash), MicroSDHC. Frequency band: 2.4, Wi-Fi standards: 802.11g, 802.11b

New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL offer new customisation options, new speed, new controls, new 3D viewing and a whole new experience!\n\nBetter controls\n\nZL and ZR Buttons have been added next to the L and R Buttons, and a new C Stick can be found near the A, B, X and Y Buttons, expanding your control options.\n\nWith these additions, it's easier than ever to surf the internet on your handheld, or take total control in a range of games.\n\nControls that were previously only available on the separate Circle Pad Pro are integrated into the console – perfect for playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on-the-go!\n\nSurfing on the internet is made easy by using the ZL/ZR Buttons to switch between tabs, and you can zoom into the page by using the C Stick.\n\nEnhanced processing power\n\nEnjoy faster speeds for downloading software\n\nImproved CPU performance also allows for faster loading of applications such as Miiverse.\n\nWe're planning to release dedicated software for New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL that utilises the improved performance of the new CPU. Some upcoming New Nintendo 3DS software will enable improved graphics and gameplay on New Nintendo 3DS.\n\nNFC function for amiibo-compatible software\n\nPower up your gameplay with amiibo: interactive figures that utilise near-field communication (NFC) to enhance your games in surprising new ways!\n\nNew Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL have an area on the bottom screen with NFC reading and writing functions built-in, so you can enjoy playing with amiibo in compatible software!\n\nMore comfortable 3D viewing\n\nThe super-stable 3D function allows the system to recognise your face using the inner camera, automatically adjusting the angle – even if you move a lot during gameplay – to give the best possible 3D experience.\n\nUpgraded camera functionality\n\nYou can take better pictures under dim lighting conditions.\n\nmicroSD card data transfer\n\nUsing wireless LAN, you can transfer data directly to and from your PC.\n\nIf you have a PC that is connected to the same wireless LAN as the New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL, you can transfer your pictures and music without removing the microSD card.\n\nAutomatic brightness adjustment\n\nAutomatic brightness adjustment optimises your settings to offer the best view for your current surroundings. This offers extended battery life compared to the original Nintendo 3DS systems.\n\nWatch videos online\n\nEnjoy videos online using the Internet Browser installed on the console.\n\nCustomise your system\n\nJust like on other Nintendo 3DS family systems, on New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL you can customise the interior of your system with HOME Menu themes!\n\nThere are lots of designs available to purchase from the Theme Shop, including designs featuring Mario, Zelda and more. Some themes even have unique background music and sound effects!\n\nChange cover plates\n\nOn New Nintendo 3DS only, you can customise the exterior design of your system with replaceable cover plates!\n\nCover plates come as sets of front and back plates, in a variety of different designs and fun textures. Swap them out whenever you please, and combine different front and back plates for a totally unique look!


Platform New Nintendo 3DS
Built-In Processor ARM11
Card Reader Integrated Yes
Built-In Optical Drive No