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Adam Elements OMNIA Q1 Wireless Charging Pad Black

Adam Elements OMNIA Q1 Wireless Charging Pad Black

Adam Elements OMNIA Q1 Wireless Charging Pad Black
Adam Elements OMNIA Q1 Wireless Charging Pad Black
Adam Elements OMNIA Q1 Wireless Charging Pad Black
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Product details

From now on allow your phone to experience complete liberation
Get rid of tangled cords
Full. Telepathic. Power.
Why tethered by the charging cables if your phone doesn't need one to surf the net or play music? For many users, the cable is the last barrier that allows their phone to experience complete liberation.

Superior Compatibility
Today, many new phones, such as iPhone 8/X/XS and a few Android units, natively support the "Qi" wireless charging technology, which allows the phones to get power from a flat pad instead of a dangling cable. While you can choose from a variety of charging pads on the market, not all pads are created equal. OMNIA Q1 from Adam Elements, is highly efficient, safe and enlightening to the eyes.

Faster charging time makes life easier
Non. Stop. Energy.
Taking advantage of the Qi v1.2.4 wireless charging standard, OMNIA Q1 energizes your phone with power from adapters or your computer through its USB port.

Supports quick charging for new iPhones and Android phones
The advanced fixed-frequency voltage regulator and efficient heat dissipation design cut charging time for as much as 30% compared to normal 5w wireless chargers.

Amazing transmitting efficiency
OMNIA Q1 Transmits uninterrupted charging power directly through heavy-protection phone cases. You don't have to take the protective case off.

Light it up, day or night
Stay. Focused.
The light modes on OMNIA Q1 not only signify the power flow, but also a warm message we convey. You can easily toggle between the Ring Mode and Focus Mode with just one press. The continuous or breathing light informs you of the current charging status in a prominent yet understated way.

Light up your mobile phone
When you need to concentrate on your work or take a break in a subdued ambience, the cool, but subtle luminescence in Focus Mode shows your phone’s charging status. You and your mobile phone are worth of having undisturbed wireless charging. No strings attached.

An elegant stand for your phone
Merry. Go. Round.
Sometimes all your phone needs is to take a break. Place it on top of OMNIA Q1 and wait briefly for it to rejuvenate. Q1’s perfectly round shape allows your phone to be placed casually without worrying about alignment or direction as its 110mm diameter keeps the phone firm. By weighing 130g, our design is the right balance between portability and stability. Next time, just lay your phone onto the Q1 and let the magic work.

Simplicity is the key
Simple. Not. Simplistic.
Form contains functions, as functions shape the form. OMNIA Q1’s clutter-free outline is the manifestation of how Adam Elements masters the art of simplicity. The slick zinc-alloy outer ring reflects the design of modern smart phones, while the concentric power wave pattern creates air channels for better heat dissipation and prevents the phone from adhering to the surface.

No compromise on efficiency and safety
Safe. Secure. Cool.
Safety is Adam Elements top priority. Despite the standard-issue preventive design, we believe it doesn't hurt to have even more layers of protection.

That's why OMNIA Q1 comes with over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection in addition to the concentric cooling pattern on the surface.