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Animalium - Jenny Broom



Publisher: Templar Publishing



Discover more than 160 exhibits in this virtual museum, open all hours.

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Welcome to the museum! There are more than 160 animal specimens to be discovered in Animalium, the first in a series of virtual museums. Wander the galleries - open 365 days a year - and discover a collection of curated exhibits on every page, accompanied by informative text. Each chapter features a different branch of the tree of life, from the simple sponge to the enormous elephant.

Templar Publishing


Number of Pages 112


A rich , informative and truly wonderful cabinet of curiosities is beautifully displayed in this imaginative and covetous book. -- Chris Packham Part oversized album and part encyclopedia, this "museum" of the animal kingdom showcases its variety and diversity with numerous examples from around the world. What distinguishes this collection from similar overviews is its presentation. The illustrations look like nature prints from long ago, but unlike those old engravings and lithographs, these fine-lined drawings began with pen and ink and were colored digitally. Each image is labeled with a number or letters keyed to a gloss that includes identification (including Latin name and size) and a general explanation, usually on the opposite page. Section dividers and the endpapers employ an intriguing reversal with groups of drawings shown as white silhouettes against a dark background. The use of "dissection" images, the groupings and the lack of environmental background contribute to the gallery effect. After introducing the tree of life and the theory of natural selection, this exhibition begins with invertebrates and continues through fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, pointing out evolutionary developments along the way. Each basic group includes several spreads offering examples from subgroups within the class as well as a spread with a connected habitat: coastal waters, coral reefs, rain forest, deserts, woodlands and tundra. No information sources are given, but there are good suggestions for general websites for further learning. Overall, this impressive survey will surprise and please its visitors. -- Kirkus Reviews With chapters devoted to everything from invertebrates to mammals, Katie Scott and Jenny Broom's Animalium (Big Picture Press, GBP20) is a museum in print. Combining elegant illustrations and writing, it introduces children to the importance of biodiversity and the glories of the animal kingdom. -- Max Lui A glorious book featuring page after page of extraordinary creatures. Fish, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals are exquisitely drawn complete with Latin names and fascinating facts. This is a book Charles Darwin would have treasured. -- Harriet Green The Guardian "Stunning illustrations of 160 animals in a virtual museum. Kids over five will love this, as will the grown-ups!" Prima magazine Animalium (Welcome to the Museum) grants admittance to your very own private, virtual museum. 'Curator' Jenny Broom (who studied fine art at the Slade), has created a truly unique concept, whereby you can pore over each 'room' and 'exhibit' at your leisure. With fascinating facts and beautiful illustrations by Katie Scott, Animalium is a must for any child with a love for the animal kingdom. The most beautiful book of the year is Animalium (Big Picture Press, GBP20), a big illustrated museum of creatures "curated" by Katie Scott and Jennie Broom. One for browsing and wondering at. -- Melanie McDonagh The Evening Standard Animalium is one of those rare beasts - a book for children that actually changes the way they look at their world. The concept is simple: this is a museum and kids can actually tour the pages, wandering through different galleries and poring over the eye-opening full colour illustrations. It's an indulgence and an education, all at the same time, reassuringly timeless. It's also the sort of book that parents can dip into with their kids, so that eventually, the museum becomes a familiar and reassuring place to explore and experience, a place of wonder where there will always be new creatures to discover together. With the advent of the internet, the old bound concept of an encyclopedia may be dead, but this book proves that this museum of natural history is very much alive. -- DAMIAN KELLEHER DadInfo There is just no way a review can do justice to this fabulous book. For starters, it's HUGE! Beautifully laid out, just as though you were in a museum, you can browse at will through the galleries (invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals) after you have absorbed the Tree of Animal Life at the entrance. Then, when you have finished, visit the Library where all the animals are listed. In between, revel in the wonderfully detailed coloured drawings which accompany the description of each creature. The size of this book allows the plates to show in great detail all the animals - and they are quite wonderful to see. If anyone should say that printed books are outmoded - show them this sublime book. It will amaze children and adults and give hours of browsing in your very own 'museum'. Animalium es, sin duda, uno de los libros mas bonitos que he visto en los ultimos tiempos. A mi, que me encantan los museos de historia natural, que aprovecho cada viaje a otras ciudades para visitar sus museos, este libro me fascina, que quereis que os diga. Lo publica Impedimenta y cuesta 25 euros. 'Animalium' es un album ilustrado. Es un museo natural. Es un viaje a la naturaleza mas hermosa, un acercamiento a la historia de la vida animal. Todo tipo de animales pueblan sus paginas, con ilustraciones que nos hacen sonar con un mundo mucho mas hermoso. Si en la vida real no te atreverias a acercarte a un tigre aqui te daran ganas de montarte un zoologico en la cocina, os lo aseguro. Las artifices de esta maravilla son las ilustradoras Katie Scott y Jeny Broom, que con una estetica preciosista se encargan de traernos hasta el sofa mil y una especies animales. 'Animalium' se ha convertido en todo un fenomeno editorial en aquellos paises donde se ha publicado y viendolo no me cabe la menor duda de que en Espana sucedera lo mismo. Y es que es muy dificil resistirse a su estetica vintage. Yo me he enamorado nada mas verlo, asi os lo digo. Es de esos libros perfectos para pasar la tarde en el sofa, admirandolos, bien acompanada por te y galletas. Os recomiendo que os acerqueis a la libreria a verlo en directo, porque merece mucho la pena, pero es que, ademas, los chicos de Impedimenta han preparado unas postales preciosas con ilustraciones del libro y son totalmente gratuitas. Vamos, que si no te llevas a algun animalito a casa es porque no quieres... Papel y Blanco Welcome to the Museum is a series of books set on the "walls" of the printed page, showcasing the world's finest collections of objects - from natural history to art. Open 365 days a year and unrestricted by the constraints of physical space, each title in this series is organized into galleries that display more than 200 full-color specimens accompanied by lively, informative text. Offering hours of learning, this first title within the series - Animalium - presents the animal kingdom in glorious detail with illustrations from Katie Scott, an unparalleled new talent. Books On The Move Bienvenido a Animalium. Un museo que esta siempre abierto y que alberga una asombrosa coleccion de mas de 160 animales para visitantes de todas las edades. Aprende como han evolucionado las especies. Echa un vistazo al laboratorio de diseccion y descubre la gran variedad de seres vivos que pueblan la Tierra... Entra para explorar el reino animal en su maximo esplendor. Considerado uno de los mejores libros del ano por Kirkus Reviews, y una de las mayores sensaciones de la literatura ilustrada europea, Animalium es un apasionante recorrido grafico por la historia de la vida animal. Katie Scott y Jenny Broom, como si de comisarias de una exposicion museistica se trataran, nos ofrecen una perspectiva totalmente preciosista de las maravillas del medio natural. Impedimenta My three year old boy Charlie is fascinated by animals. Not only do we often take him to the zoo in Rotterdam at his request, he has a big collection of plastic animals as well as books about the topic. When at the public library, he always manages to find at least one book about animals. So when I saw the book Animalium (or, 'Het dierenboek' in Dutch), by Katie Scott and Jenny Broom, I really had to get a copy. It is a great book, if only for the detailed and wonderfull illustrations. You would almost forget that the book contains a lot of fascinating insights about the animals as well. Don't expect texts that you can read to your little ones. It does take some of your own storytelling skills to transform the information into a story that appeals to them, although the illustrations will speak for yourself. The authors open their book with 'welcome to the museum' and I think there could not be a better discription of what this book has to offer. Enjoy reading and leafing through! Tall and Small Explorers Ambitiously pitched as a natural history museum in a book, Animalium astutely focuses on the kingdom Animalia, offering an upclose look at more than 200 specimens that are neatly organised into six sections or 'galleries' - namely, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals - which makes the hefty tome surprisingly easy to navigate. This is also a stylish, flawlessly designed book that you will want to put on display: from the cover to the fonts, the endpapers, the section dividers, the paper quality and even the extra-large size - all the better to gawk at the jaw-droppingly bold, beautiful, detailed and lifelike illustrations by Katie Scott that are inspired by the classic Biology-textbook illustrations, but taken to the next level - every detail has been well thought through and spot-on in execution. Naturally, it's impossible for any book to feature every single animal in existence, but like any well-curated museum, the variety and range of the exhibits on show here will hold anyone in thrall, and even little ones will find the gorgeous pages hard to resist. For older children, the succinct writeup on the exhibits in each gallery is a great way to get an overview of the incredible diversity of life. And, the best part is, you can revisit this museum anytime. -- picturethisbook Picture This Book