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Every day, a staggering 42 million trees are cut down worldwide, resulting in an annual total of 15.3 billion trees lost globally.

Why Does this Matter?

  1. Trees Absorb and Store Carbon Dioxide
    • Trees actively absorb surplus carbon, assisting in reducing the atmospheric carbon load.

  2. Climate Change
    • Trees act as natural filters, absorbing the harmful air pollution that comes from burning fossil fuels.
    • Cutting down trees (deforestation) adds around 12–20% to global greenhouse gas emissions, accelerating the pace of global warming when an excess remains in the atmosphere.

  3. Wildlife Extinction
    • Serving as both food sources and habitats for wildlife, trees play a crucial role in preventing the extinction of various wildlife species.

  4. Desertification
    • Tree roots improve the ability and capacity of soil to absorb water. When trees are removed, not only is this affected, but the soil is less protected from rainfall and strong winds, causing soil erosion and desertification. Simply put, this means the land is no longer productive and is unable to grow anything.

  5. Impacts Marine Life
    • As explained, with less trees, excess carbon accumulates in the atmosphere, eventually dissolving into the ocean, making it more acidic. This can demolish coral reefs and poses a major threat to sea creatures.

How Can We Save the Forests?

Planting more trees is a simple yet powerful way to combat deforestation and fight against global warming.

We've teamed up with Tree-Nation, a leading reforestation organization dedicated to halting deforestation, battling climate change, and restoring life to our planet!

Their goal is to plant 1 trillion trees by 2050.

Plant a Tree with Us!

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At Virgin Megastore, we're dedicated to making better choices that truly nurture our planet.

You can plant your very own tree with us at the Virgin Megastore Forest.

Join us in planting your own tree through the Tree-Nation x Virgin Megastore Forest Donation Card. Your donation equals a new tree in our forest, and you'll receive updates on its growth through our Tree-Nation profile.

Leave your mark on the world or share the joy with a tree donation for your family, friends, employees, or customers. It's a uniquely thoughtful gesture that goes beyond material gifts.

Small acts like these pave the way for a better future, with happier and healthier lives for everyone!

Together, we can make a difference.

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